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Should I change schools?

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schoolchange123 Tue 04-Oct-16 18:19:05

Ds1 goes to a faith school. I sent him there as I felt I believed in god, however now he is in year 2 I've had a huge change of faith and no longer believe in anything.

He is reasonably settled there, he enjoys going but has a lot of issues not related to the school. To sum it up he struggles to concentrate but that is a very basic summary. There is one boy in his class that really sets him off, they clash every day.

The thing that's making me think about changing is his chatter about God, how he made the world etc. I'd love to shout it's all lies but obviously don't do that, I just try and gently educate that not everybody believes that.
Also his younger sibling will be starting nursery next year and I'm not sure I want him to go to that school too.

Wwyd? I don't have a clue how you go about doing it or when is the right time to change. Should I just suck it up?

CreepingDogFart Tue 04-Oct-16 18:40:40

I don't think it's fair to uproot him because you've changed your own beliefs.

FlouncingIntoAutumn Tue 04-Oct-16 18:51:31

The end of KS1 (assuming you're in the UK) is the end of Y2 and with your little one also due to start nursery the September 2017 term would be quite a natural time to change schools. It would be like the old infants to juniors move.

The downsides would be that there will always be people your DS finds more challenging. Friendship groups will already be established and it can be hard to establish yourself within an already established group.

My DC go to a faith school because that's the only choice locally. The logistics of driving further afield just don't add up. I don't allow them to publicly deny the existence of god (i.e. broadcast it at school) but I'm happy for them to form their own opinions, with much discussion at home and learn about something that is fundamentally really important to many.

I have never been a church goer but DD singing hymns and DS getting his head around some of the bible stories doesn't offend. Religious stories can be great moral learning tools (from many of our countries religions).

Woodacorn Tue 04-Oct-16 21:37:28

OP would you consider leaving him to make his own mind up? He is hearing both sides of the argument - your view and school view. He is probably going to change his mind a few times but it's good to hear both points of view. As he gets older he can choose having had a good exposure to both sides.

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