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Different weekly spelling question!

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RedSquirrel24 Mon 03-Oct-16 11:13:44

I have 3DC's, years 4,3 and 1 in a small (less than 40 pupils) primary school. With no explanation all 3 children have the same spellings each week. I have asked for a explanation, though none yet, but what would you make of this. I'm relieved that DS (yr 4) doesn't yet seem to be completely de moralised at having the same spellings as his younger siblings, but to me I think it's awful, would love to know your thoughts. Should also add my kids aren't the brightest but nore are they one that find everything really hard

irvineoneohone Mon 03-Oct-16 11:42:53

What sort of words are they getting?
At my ds's school, they were tested first 100, then 200 high frequency words at the beginning(yr4). Then they moved on to testing YR3/4 words.
So practically, they were tested on words for yr1+ at first.

You really need to ask your teacher. Also, the list of words for each year group(yr3/4/5/6) is available, so you can do them with your dc if you like.
But I think it matters more, how they can use words correct context with good spelling when they are writing, rather than get 10/10 at weekly test and forget all about it next week.

RedSquirrel24 Mon 03-Oct-16 14:54:38

Thank you that is a really useful link will look closer at it when I have a bit more time.
I have heard back from their teachers and they said that they were all assessed and my 3 are at the same level, which I find very concerning, and also upset that the school didn't think to contact me about this, the fact my eldest doesn't seem to have progressed and is still doing simple 3 letter words, the same ones his sisters are doing when there are three years between them I think is appalling - appalling that no one seems concerned enough to contact me about it or put any extra measures in place

Cabawill Mon 03-Oct-16 15:06:43

I'd be really concerned about this. My DC are Y3 & Y1 and are both pretty "average" in terms of meeting expectations and middle of the class (which is fine by me).

They have drastically different spellings though. This weeks example:

Y1- he, be, she, all, are
Y3- accidentally, beginning, system,

I'd certainly expect DS's teacher to have told me if he hadn't progressed in 2 years. Can you get a meeting with the teacher to discuss it further? Have you tried him with anything more difficult to see how he gets on at home?

RedSquirrel24 Mon 03-Oct-16 22:08:03

Thanks, yep I am really concerned, and the more I ask RL friends and some who are teachers themselves the more upset I am about this as I think I should have been told, not just left to ask. I have told school I am really upset mostly because if my eldest is struggling then for one I should have been told and secondly the damage to his confidence and self esteem being given the same spellings as his younger and youngest sister, it makes me tearful considering how this could be making him feel, and that he hasn't said anything, so I don't want to ask in case it causes him to think more about it, but I'm worried he s hiding his feelings from me so as not to upset me.

junebirthdaygirl Tue 04-Oct-16 00:47:32

Does your oldest ds get extra help in school with a special education teacher? For that to happen a parent should be informed.

RedSquirrel24 Tue 04-Oct-16 09:35:42

They do have a teacher that helps the kids when they are struggling, I know my kids do sometimes spend time with her but that is because my kids tell me, the school never has

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