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When were you kids dry at night?

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Lifeisshort123 Wed 28-Sep-16 21:39:09

DS (5) turning 6 in December still wear pull ups and has never been dry at night. I'm not that worried about it yet but he is showing no signs of starting to stay dry at night. I just don't want him to miss out on sleepovers or start to feel embarrassed when he gets to 7/8. He was potty trained in the day at 2 and was trained within 5 days. DD2 (4) however has been dry at night since 2.5. What age did your children start to become dry at night?flowers

Lifeisshort123 Wed 28-Sep-16 21:39:23


Only1scoop Wed 28-Sep-16 21:41:34

Watching with interest dd is 6 and still in night pants.
I've ordered an alarm type sensor from Amazon today.
I know just how you feel, she wants to go to Beaver camp but it needs sorting sad

lovelyredwine Wed 28-Sep-16 21:43:25

Dd1 was dry day and night at 2.5. Dd2 is only 1 so not tried yet. I have plenty of friends whose children were not dry at 6/7. One of them used some sort of alarm that alerted them to the fact they needed a wee, but I don't know what it was called, sorry.

CharleyDavidson Wed 28-Sep-16 21:46:02

DD2 was dry at night from age 3.

DD1 was dry at age 13! Which caused some friction when her younger sister was out of pull ups long before she was. The eneurisis clinic was of little use (inc the medication they tried) and it was just a matter of waiting (a loooooong time) until her bladder matured and she was ready.

elfonshelf Wed 28-Sep-16 21:46:06

DD decided to move from pull-ups to knickers during the day on her 3rd birthday - total hysterics at any suggestion before then. Reasonable number of accidents until she was about 5 and since then only very occasionally.

At night she stopped using pull-ups when she was around 5 years 3 month and there have been very few accidents since. She's pretty strong-minded so we left it for her to decide when she was happy to stop.

DramaAlpaca Wed 28-Sep-16 21:49:33

DS1 wasn't reliably dry at night until he was 9, and DS2 was 7 or 8. Neither of them used to wet the bed away from home though, so sleepovers were fine.

DS3 amazed me by being dry day and night at the same time, at 2.6.

RabbitsNap01 Wed 28-Sep-16 21:50:24

we tried at 3.5 for DD, hardly an accident since then but there is a huge variation.

CharleyDavidson Wed 28-Sep-16 21:51:35

We tried alarms that we'd bought ourselves online. Useless. She slept like the dead and it woke and deafened the whole house while she slept on.

We went to the doctors when she was about 8 and were told it was too early to be worried and to go back when she was 9. We did and got the referral to the clinic who gave all kinds of recommendations (no dark drinks, no acidic drinks, no milk drinks after about 4pm. No drinks at all after 6 - difficult when she's 12 and not going to bed til 9pm!) but they had little impact.

Paffle Wed 28-Sep-16 21:53:15

When my DS was about 6 (and DD was 4) we did the Alicia Eaton stop bedwetting programme for both kids. DS went from weeing twice in a night to being dry most nights (albeit we take them both to the loo when we go to bed).

Programme has also helped DD who regressed on her toilet training when she started school.

mangomay Wed 28-Sep-16 21:55:15

My GP has just prescribed desmo-melts for DS (nearly 8). He has never been dry at nights he's a deep sleeper and has a very small bladder (we had an interesting weekend of measuring everything he drank and what came out again, and how long in between confused)
He has worn pyjama pants for years and I've never had an issue because he has never been bothered by it. We've never made a big deal about it, or made him feel embarrassed or ashamed. According to our GP 5% of children aged 10 still aren't dry at night.
But lately DS has started to say he doesn't want to wear pyjama pants anymore, and after agreeing with the GP that an alarm isn't right for him, he's started him on desmopressin. Tonight is our first night shock.

Nighttime wetting isn't something doctors are concerned about until a child is at least 7, and even then it's not a concern per se, unless it's secondary bed wetting (i.e. They were previously dry at night and have started wetting again)

MrsPear Wed 28-Sep-16 21:55:28

Ds1 was just six and ds2 was just 3 for night time. Although ds1 was dry in the day earlier by 4 months at 2 years and 8 months. Every child is different. Ds1's pead was not concerned and just said if doesn't happen by 7 he would refer us to a specialist clinic. He also said there was no such thing as training for night dryness and it was a switch that needs to happen.

IAmAPaleontologist Wed 28-Sep-16 22:00:19

Ds1 was 5 and a half.
Ds2 is currently 4 and in pull ups.

Dd will be 8 in December and is in pull ups. Occasional dry nights these days so I'm hopeful! I was looking at alarms on Amazon though. However, she has been to beaver sleepovers etc without any trouble. I slip her pull ups to the leader on dropping her off and they take her to one side and help her before bed and in the morning so that nobody knows. Plenty of kids on group events like that have medicines and whatnot to take so it isn't odd if the leader is taking children to one side. A onesie rather than separates for pjs is good too as no risk of the top of the pull up showing!

Groovee Wed 28-Sep-16 22:01:48

Dd was dry at night when she potty trained.

Ds was 4 years 11 months.

pussinwellyboots Wed 28-Sep-16 22:06:29

Ds2 aged 6 1/2 is still wet at night and in pull ups. Am not too worried at this stage but might seek a referral once he's 7. Speaking to a HV friend she advised getting him to increase fluid intake in the earlier part of day, avoiding black current, stopping fluid about an hour before bed and taking him for a final wee after he's had a story etc just before going to sleep.

Also for those worried about sleepovers and the like don't worry. He recently went on his first beaver sleepover (camping) and was absolutely fine. The leaders discretely checked he'd put a pull up on etc and he had a great time.

Finola1step Wed 28-Sep-16 22:06:36

DS was close to 6. I kept him in night time pull ups until he did 7 dry nights in a row. But we did a lot of talking and always encouraged him to go to the loo before he fell asleep.

DD was 3. Had the same approach. It just happened quicker.

FunnysInLaJardin Wed 28-Sep-16 22:07:25

DS1 was 5.5 and we bribed him with a 3DS to get him dry. DS2 was about 2 and has never had a wet night!

2 of my friends DS's were over 7 before they are dry at night. All children are different

creamcheeseandlox Wed 28-Sep-16 22:09:04

Ds was dry day and night at 2.3 years. Never had an issue with him. Dd was still in pull ups in reception when she was 4 but found out she would wee in her pull-up when she woke in the morning to save getting up and going to to loo!!! As soon as I found this out we took them away and she has been dry since...she's 7 now.

Lifeisshort123 Wed 28-Sep-16 22:11:55

I suppose so but I worry if when he's a little older he won't be able to go to friends houses of he cant sort himself out in the bathroom. As he's only 5 at the moment I'll take reasurance from others who have posted who have children older than DS who aren't dry at night.

Lifeisshort123 Wed 28-Sep-16 22:15:30

I completely forgot that blackcurrent can irrate the bladder. I might try only allowing him to drink water after lunch time and she if it makes a difference. x

thisismyhair Wed 28-Sep-16 22:16:26

Mine was around 7. What really helped was getting him to drink more during the day to help stretch his bladder. This was on the advice of the school continence nurse who got us to measure his wees which showed he had a small bladder capacity. Increasing drinking gave us our first dry night ever, although it did take several months to be reliably dry.

autumnboys Wed 28-Sep-16 22:16:53

Ds1 was dry at night shortly after training at 2.5yo
Ds2 was older and had a bigger gap. We lifted him at night until he was over 4yo
Ds3 was 3.5yo when he trained by day and was dry at night pretty much straight away.

A friend who works in a school and goes on the year 6 residential sometimes says they have it all worked out for how to deal with kids who might wet the bed/ wear pyjama pants and none of the other kids have a clue.

MarklahMarklah Wed 28-Sep-16 22:17:35

DD was dry at night at 2.4 and dry in the day at the same.
She's had the odd daytime accident but always wakes at night. At nearly 6, several of her peers are still in night-time pullups. I guess it just differs from child to child.

If it helps, I've a friend who has night-time continence issues, and is in their 20's. (It'ss medical, and they're getting help & support).

yikesanotherbooboo Wed 28-Sep-16 22:23:45

DD was 5 and DS 1 and 2 were both 11 before they were reliably dry at night. They were all dry in day aged 2 . It was a bit easier with DS2 as pull-ups were being manufactured in large sizes. No one ever wet the bed away from home eg cub camp / sleepovers etc. I really think that it in most cases it is just a question of time . It never became an issue and I never considered intervening although sometimes drying the washing or little wet, cold bottoms appeAring in bed in the middle of the night were rather infuriating

fruitpastille Wed 28-Sep-16 22:25:20

Lots of kids are pretty accepting - my dd age 7 didn't bother to hide her pull up from her best friend and it was absolutely no issue.

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