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Reigate Priory school

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Fairybust Wed 28-Sep-16 16:23:02

So my dd is in year 2 at a private prep school in Reigate. She loves it there she's really happy as are.we.
Our original plan had been to do three years private and move to the priory for year three onwards. We didn't get a suitable place for reception.

We can afford it but with ds due to start reception next year th
e prospect of double.fees is not that appealing.

Im.worried that the Priory is such a massive school and it never looks that secure to me- often the side gate to the playground is open the public footpath that runs through the school are all giving me concerns .
Im.also worried that hell be the only new.child whilst everyone else.alresdy has a friendship group from the infant school.

Does anyone else have any experience of the Priory.


Fairybust Fri 30-Sep-16 04:31:52


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