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Relocating to Truro - advice on primary schools

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Twinmuma Wed 28-Sep-16 13:24:59

Due to family circumstances we are relocating from Bath to a new build property at Penn An Dre, Truro.

I'd really appreciate any local parent advice on primary schools. Our boy/girl twins have just started reception at a school that is "outstanding" & in the top 10 schools the U.K. I take Ofsted reports in to account but it's the feel of the school that also matters.

We're hoping to move Dec/Jan so need to start looking at options. I was hoping we'd be in walking distance as we are now but looking at the locations I don't think that will be possible. Is it horrendous doing the school run using the main road through Truro?

Any suggestions, recommendations & opinions are a greatly welcomed to make this huge move go as smoothly as possible.

Many thanks X

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