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Ideas for a job desperately needed - please help me, Mumsnetters?

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CareerImbecile Wed 28-Sep-16 09:00:55

Having a small panic this morning. It's September and I still haven't found any more solid work, I've been looking all year. I do some very part time work freelance and am mostly living on savings which are rapidly disappearing. I go between thinking "fuck it, something will turn up" and being optimistic, and days like today. Budget strictly for food and essentials, but keep dipping into savings to have a life. Won't be able to do that soon.

I feel unemployable, in terms of jobs that pay more than min wage. I'm not so young (age 31) and because of various illnesses, my CV is extremely patchy. I've done some great things at quite a high level but never for very long, max 6 months really. So I think that's why people don't want to know.

I'm fine about freelancing but need some ideas about what avenues I can turn to. At the moment I look mostly at marketing but I really need to learn photoshop, I think. No clue on this.

Any ideas or advice? Really quite worried.

originalmavis Wed 28-Sep-16 09:02:12

What is your background and experience?

CareerImbecile Wed 28-Sep-16 09:02:13

Arghh - posted on wrong board, so sorry.

CareerImbecile Wed 28-Sep-16 09:04:59

Copywriting and PR roles mainly.

originalmavis Wed 28-Sep-16 14:09:41

Can you set yourself up a website as a one-woman agency? Plenty of small businesses need this but can't afford full timers.

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