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Falkner house boys or wetherby or eaton house

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Skenmum35 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:32:59

I was wondering does anyone have any views on the new Falkner house boys school or wetherby or eaton house? Our son has spots at wetherby and eaton house and is having an assessment at fh boys. We absolutely loved the FH boys headmistress and her mum and sister at the girls school and we love the ethos and feel of the girls school but it's difficult to decide given that it is the first year of the school and wetherby and EH are much more established. DS obviously also needs to get a place first.
Any thoughts anyone ?

newmummycwharf1 Mon 26-Sep-16 23:29:28

I attended the falkner house open day and was also very impressed. We also have a place at Eaton House. Wetherby, is however, a known quantity and we would have picked it over falkner house and Eaton, but we did not get a place. If I had all your cards, I would go with Wetherby - great academics, not a hothouse, established.

morecoffee12 Tue 27-Sep-16 15:57:05

In your position I too would take Wetherby. Proven school, great track record of academic achievement, goes to 13 so no pressure to sit 7/8+ and/or 11+ unless you want to. Not a hothouse and a great Headmaster.

MMmomDD Tue 27-Sep-16 22:35:31

Wetherby, hands down. It has a long and proven track record. Years after years of excellent teaching of boys and established relationships with the top schools in the area.

Wetherby pre-prep goes to 8+ - not 13+. Boys will need to take transition exams along with the other kids, but they are prepared well. And now there is Wetherby Senior school that goes all the way through.

Mrs Griggs is impressive. She does well, really well in front of prospective parents. But she is not the easiest headmistress to get along with - and she doesn't tolerate parents disagreeing with her. Her school, her way.

MMmomDD Tue 27-Sep-16 22:40:42

Just to add - all top boys preps are hot houses. They have to be - to pass highly competitive 7/8+. Boys have to learn and practice a lot.

In my observation of boys in Werherby seem less stressed than those from Eaton House Belgravia. Don't know about the other Eaton House, but results there are lower

originalmavis Tue 27-Sep-16 22:46:56

Go, look, go with your gut. Speak to the boys and see how you find them - are they bright, confident, relaxed, happy? Track record is one thing (and let's face it, patents generally have a fair amount of input into a child's academic achievements), but also consider travel, facilities, extras, and if the cultural fit is a good one.

DS went to 'good' sausage factory and bloody well hated it. Our lovely boy changed almost over night to a scared, nervous, anxious child and the school went on the attack. Absolute nightmare from a money making corporation who didn't give a stuff about the child, just their exam results and bottom line. We pulled him and sent to a school that was more child focussed. Result - 3 offers from 'top' school and scholarship.

Skenmum35 Fri 30-Sep-16 06:41:26

Thank you everyone for the advice. If we get a place then we will go with FH boys it just feels right for our son, it is a better location for us and we were just so impressed with Mrs Dixon and Mrs Griggs and the other FH teachers that we have met. Fingers crossed on getting a place !

MMmomDD Mon 03-Oct-16 22:01:44

If you give up your Wetherby place - you'll make some family very happy. People fight for these places, beg&steal for them. I am NOT kidding...

And is not a sausage factory at all. Several of my fiends have / had boys there and it's a great, great school. I am always amazed at how they manage to achieve their results without making kids feel stressed...

FH is a new entity. Teaching boys to 7/8+ is a very different ball game, there is only a few years to do it, - it's not at all the same as teaching girls to 11+.

but that's just my opinion.

originalmavis Tue 04-Oct-16 07:24:31

It's definitely horses for courses. If you feel that the head, staff and kids feel like a 'right fit' that's a good start. Also Google staff - we considered one but after a look about found that the head had accusations of bullying and dubious hiring policies which had got staff and parents twitchy.

Out decision was made by perdonsl recommendations (ex parents and staff) visits to the school, chats to other parents and kids and a coffee with the head.

I've seen a child in a 'poor fit ' school and it is dreadful.

I've not heard anything bad about the schools on here. Wetherby boys tend to be a bubbly, bright lot.

Skenmum35 Sat 08-Oct-16 15:04:05

Assessment getting closer. Hope he gets in

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