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Do I need to do anything about this?

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insideout2016 Sat 24-Sep-16 17:22:37

Ds ha just moved to a new school in yr1. They are sat on tables, pretty randomly I think as his learning group is different children of similar aptitude I'm told.

Ds says that there are 2 girls he likes to his left and he sits next to another boy who he also likes but this boy has to 'protect him' for the other two boys (6 children in a U shape).
I think he means he acts as a physical shield rather than actively protects ds.

He says the other 2 boys are mean to him and others on the table and says things like 'you're a baby, you cry every day before school' and 'no one likes you' etc. He also says they are disruptive and never do the work etc.

Ds is very matter of fact and doesn't seem bothered...I've no idea if he's fully telling the truth either!

Should I leave it and see how it unfolds or say something to the teacher (who I never see!). What would you do?

TeacherBob Sat 24-Sep-16 17:49:02


NotYoda Sat 24-Sep-16 17:52:16

Make an appointment to see the teacher

This behaviour needs nipping in the bud pronto

insideout2016 Sat 24-Sep-16 19:12:56

Thank you. Wasn't sure if I was being a bit ott but I thought I should say something.

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