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Does anyone have experience of Whitehall Park?

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TrollFace Tue 20-Sep-16 14:38:18


I realise there are some old threads on this from 2014, but I can't find anything more recent, specifically from people whose kids now go there. Can anyone tell me if it's a good school? There's still no Ofsted report and the aren't any school tours available until late November. We've seen a house we're thinking of buying and I suspect this is the only state school we'd get into. Thank you!

YouMakeABetterDoorThanAWindow Tue 20-Sep-16 21:47:01

Bumping for you.

There is a parent at one of the clubs my DC goes to who has a child there. She says she was concerned but went with it as it was that or nothing. She's really happy with the education her child is getting. She says its also a really friendly place with lots of parental involvement. .The building stuff is a pain but she seems to be pragmatic about it- things happen in London.

If there is anything specific you'd like to know I could ask. Hopefully some WP parents will come on though.

YouMakeABetterDoorThanAWindow Tue 20-Sep-16 21:48:15

Oh and maybe call the school and explain and ask of you can visit before November.

TrollFace Tue 20-Sep-16 22:16:53

Thanks very much YouMakeABetter. That's reassuring to hear. I have tried the school (explaining why I'd like to visit earlier) and they've said because of child protection issues (!) they can't allow private tours. I understand it would be a pain for them to sort out, but it's also not very helpful for us. There's lots I don't understand, like how catchment area works for a free school, whether they've chosen to employ non-qualified teachers, how their curriculum differs from the national curriculum.....etc etc. Maybe if I approach the school with specific questions they'll answer them for me.

YouMakeABetterDoorThanAWindow Tue 20-Sep-16 22:31:33

Hmm, not letting you view the school is not helpful!

I sorry, I do t know about any of that. I'd want to know too. Admissions should be straightforward as it should be on their website- you could find out from Haringry too. The parent I spoke to was quiet pragmatic as that's where she lived an that's what they got-what's the point of worrying. I admire that but moving to chose the school is a slightly different situation.

Would the house you like be near enough for a place at Hargrave Park? That had a massive "catchment t" a few years back. I've known people with children there who were very positive- that was way down the school, reception, y1.

Are you applying for schools this January to start next September? If so would you even be in the bought house for the mid i January application ? If not I think you'd have to apply from your curren address , wherever that is.

TrollFace Wed 21-Sep-16 08:45:42

We'd be applying for a Sep 2018 start, so the idea is to move somewhere with decent school access in good time. It's just this specific house turned my head so I wanted schools to work! But yes, a different situation from already being there and not having the choice. We actually wanted DS to go to Highgate but have been rejected on paper alone already.

I haven't heard of Hargrave Park but went back onto rightmove and the house is in catchment for it (second page of results, listed after reams of schools we wouldn't be in catchment for). So I'll investigate that option.

Thanks again for your help!

Mediumred Wed 21-Sep-16 19:01:36

Hi. I know a couple of people with children there, both of whom chose it over other more local schools to them. They seem pretty happy with their choices. I think at the moment the children are actually being taught in an empty wing of a nearby secondary school until the building work is complete (!) so that could be the real reason they're not welcoming you round for a visit. Good luck.

Vinorosso74 Wed 21-Sep-16 19:05:54

I believe the children are currently being taught offsite whilst some building work is completed so perhaps that is why you can't visit.
My DD was at nursery with a child who was in the first cohort and parents are both really happy with the school.
I was talking to someone with a child at Hargrave Park recently and she was full of praise about the school so definitely worth a look.

TrollFace Thu 22-Sep-16 17:40:44

Thanks very much everyone (and apologies for the delayed response). Really good to hear that there are a couple of decent options. And Mediumred you may well be right that that's why they won't let us go on a tour earlier! I'll check when they're due in their permanent site. I read something on their website about being taught in 5 portacabins...

YouMakeABetterDoorThanAWindow Thu 22-Sep-16 21:48:43

From what I can tell Hargrave Park is a very different school to what it was a good few years back when it didn't have a great teputation.I think the current head teacher has been there for all the current pupils time at the school.

I've met some amazingly polite and grown up HP children. Maybe go and see it, it seems a very friendly school. I only know Highgate by reputation but I imagine the schools are quite different.

parentz2 Fri 07-Oct-16 20:23:22

I'm a parent of 2 kids at WPS. The teachers work extra hard, kids are very happy and attention is paid to detail at WPS throughout. Sign up to the schools newsletter to keep informed about school life and you will get all the latest information on the building updates. We are at a temporary site presently until our new school will be finished. While viewing the school earlier would of course be beneficial it's normal for schools only to allow parents on tours of schools on specific dates, this was the same when I was visiting schools prior to choosing WPS. Getting on their newsletter and reading the website, which is kept up to date, will answer a lot of your questions. The staff are friendly and professional and parents are welcome and encouraged to get involved in school life and required to support their child at home with home learning. The breakfast club, after school clubs and twilight sessions are all run by the school, with professionals coming in to teach the clubs. This is unique because a lot of schools don't have wrap around care and if they do it is often outsourced. Here it is the same set of teachers that know the kids involved and running the outside school hour provisions. Feel free to ask more specific questions that arent answered in the website of you so wish.Good luck it is a tough decision choosing schools.

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