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Pass mark on ks2 sats maths paper please

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3asAbird Mon 19-Sep-16 12:39:29

Daughter did mock sats in maths gcse paper.

I think she did 2 separate papers

Both had 40 questions or least 1 did.

Roughly how many would she need to get right to be old level 4 pass park.

I know once scores worked out its over 100 pass under 100 fail but all I know right now is she did 40 questions and got a low mark.

We have parents sats info evening in January's

My husbands tried to ask teacher is every ok she refuses answer how daughters done and told him not to worry.

I realise it's very early in school year and maybe she's most likely still to be working at year 5 age related expectations and lots of time left to prepare

Just feel bit clueless as she was top tables last year.

No levels on reports any more so no idea how much progress she made last year.
Think report said something like working above expected levels in maths.

redskytonight Mon 19-Sep-16 13:02:56

Confused is she taking a SATs or a GCSE paper? Assuming you do mean SATs it 's likely that she got low marks because school haven't covered any of the Year 6 curriculum yet (why on earth was she even taking a paper ?) If she was working above expected level at the end of last year, I imagine she is still working above expected levels now ...

katand2kits Mon 19-Sep-16 13:08:20

You don't "pass" or "fail" a Sats test. You get a level that describes what you have achieved. I would guess the precise level boundaries will vary slightly from paper to paper? If she was working above expected levels in year 5, then she is probably a level 4 already, so I can't see that you need to worry yourselves too much (or at all) about this. What's more, Sats don't mean very much anyway, perhaps she is just unused to taking exams (because she is 10).

3asAbird Mon 19-Sep-16 13:12:49

Thanks she's at start of year 6

They made the year 6 and year 5 do mock sat paper I assume from last year 1st week back.

Doing some go ogling there's 3 conponant to maths paper.

She seems think she did 2 rests for maths.

1 test has come back low score.
The teacher then read out everyone's scores in class.

She doesn't know score of 2nd test.

I was led to believe she was doing well.
Maths not as strong as English
She says she's in 2nd top table now.
Yet her score matches lower table.

I am not I overly concerned at this early point about scores

However I am worried about her confidence levels if this happens reguarly throughout the term .

Trying get my head around new curriculum raw and scaled scores.

I think 60 marks converts to 100 scale scores.

So overall she needs get 60/110 correct.

But she's only done 2 papers Both which had 40 questions on so hard to say.

Sunshineonacloudyday Mon 19-Sep-16 13:15:48

They don't do mock SATs GCSE papers for year 6. They give them a test to see what level she is currently working at. If you are worried then buy her practise math books. If she does a little everyday then she will do well. The teacher won't tell you anything until parents evening.

redskytonight Mon 19-Sep-16 13:20:47

They could be old style (pre 2016) SATs papers I suppose. In which case the thresholds which equate to the old style levels vary depending on the year.

But whatever they are ... if your DD was above expectations in maths at the end of Year 5, you really don't need to be worrying OP!

katand2kits Mon 19-Sep-16 13:39:36

Teachers have other ways of organising ability groupings than scores on national curriculum tests. And in the old system (no longer teach so not up to date with new test) there were two written papers (calculator and non-calculator) and the mental arithmetic test.

3asAbird Mon 19-Sep-16 13:39:51

Thanks for all the feedback.

It's very confusing

I assumed maybe they did test from last year year 6 as they were 1st year on harder curriculum

I have brought a book from smiths cgp ks2 year 6 targeted question book and hope to gain her confidence and improve technique as it's really knocked her.

Will bring it up at parents evening as not sure reading everyones results out to the class is great .

Hope rest of term is not endless tests.

3asAbird Mon 19-Sep-16 13:43:19

New maths sats 3 parts

Arthimitic total 40 marks
Reasoning 35 and reasoning 35.

Total marks possible in total 110

Test she's done has 40 questions which makes me think must be part 1 as school said tests to do with sats to my daughter.

I know raw score is of 60 = 100 scaled which is passmark .

Dixiechickonhols Mon 19-Sep-16 14:25:01

I'd speak to school op better than worrying. Teacher should be able to tell you why they did the tests and you can ask how best to help DD - point out her confidence has been knocked by result and moving down a table.

My DD is in yr 6 and did a 40 question old maths sat for homework one night last week.

Are you in/near a grammar area op? I wonder if that will explain the move down. If other children have been prepping all summer and have covered yr 6 syllabus already for 11 plus and other like your daughter haven't.

BertPuttocks Mon 19-Sep-16 14:33:09

My DD's Yr6 class did this too. We were told that it was purely to see where any gaps in knowledge were.

No scores will be given out. Instead they will form part of the teacher's assessment to see which areas each child needs to concentrate on next.

I really don't think your DD's school has handled this well at all.

3asAbird Mon 19-Sep-16 14:55:25

Thanks dixie & Bert

I don't think they handled it well

1st by not having info evening at start of term

Refusing answer my husbands question asking should we have any concerns.

Broadcasting results to entire class.

She's mixed year 6/ 5 class as a younger year 6 she was in lower class last year with the then year 4 so expected her to drop a table and some very clever autumn born kids in her year group.

If you had asked me how would she do I would have guessed middle.

It doesn't help we also under stress of open evening tours as senior application has to be in by 31st October

We not in a grammar area
Our city has a couple well performing faith schools we don't meet criteria for.
3 lottery schools ex independent 1 has verbal reasoning but it's fair banded so comprehensive intake.
We have high number private schools we can't afford so not looked into 11 plus.
Our local bog standard mostly low performing comps all said they set maths and english by sats results.

I'm not sure her report said working above age related expectations or working above her expected targets.

But school dident relay any concerns about maths last 2 parents evening and report was glowing.

I think my daughters bit like me in school she can do it but doesn't come naturally so needs to work at it.

Hopefully not dented her confidence too much and we will do small amounts at home with no pressure as maybe it's the technique too that's the issue.
Will speak to class teachers in depth next month.

Might get year 5 maths book too and ensure we start at beginning as the year 6 stuff seems challenging.

catslife Mon 19-Sep-16 17:33:03

I don't think the school have handled it well either. What are they doing reading results out loud in class?
My guess is that this test is to set a baseline - as she's only at the start of the year, marks could well be low now, but that doesn't mean she won't meet the standard needed for level 4 by May.
Personally I don't think having mixed year 5/6 classes helps either but many schools offer booster classes to make sure as many children as possible achieve their potential.
The angst about secondary school sets is over-hyped. Most secondary schools only use SATs for the first few weeks or use their own testing systems instead.
The concept of "passing" the SATs test and possibly having to resit in Y7 was mentioned by the former Education secretary, but as far as I am aware, it hasn't been acted upon yet. My suspicion is that it will be shelved .........

Feenie Mon 19-Sep-16 17:59:57

The angst about secondary school sets is over-hyped. Most secondary schools only use SATs for the first few weeks or use their own testing systems instead.

Not this again! They can 'shelve' them as much as they like, but the dfe will still use individual results to set targets which the secondary schools are obliged to meet.

Year 7 re-sits are still very much on the table - sample papers have been published and schools are preparing themselves for around half their Y7 intake to resit.

Feenie Mon 19-Sep-16 18:01:48

This petition can never be posted too often:

Sunshineonacloudyday Mon 19-Sep-16 18:33:49

They use the CATs test they say you can't revise for it but you can practise using verbal and non-verbal reasoning books. You're daughter will be okay give her lots of encouragment and get her practise a little everyday or Monday to Friday. I think some teachers don't like talking to parents.

Sunshineonacloudyday Mon 19-Sep-16 18:35:26

I meant secondary schools use CATs test to get there level. Then they group them at ability.

Sunshineonacloudyday Mon 19-Sep-16 18:37:01

Feenie I HE my child will be going to secondary school next year. Will they make her take the test?

Feenie Mon 19-Sep-16 20:21:25

Different secondary schools do a range of different things - some set by SATs, some don't. But none of them ignore the test results because they can't.

No one knows, sunshine - but if they have half the year sitting resits, and for your dd, then I would suspect they would. They might even be told to - it's not clear yet.

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