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My child got bitten at school last week.

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NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:07:33

The teacher hasn't told me and my son only told me on the way home on Friday. I can't sleep for being so upset. I am shaking at the thought of having to go in and speak to the teacher. It is a mutual dislike thing between us. DH is worried it will appear our son is a Mummy's boy who can't fight his own battles but he was bitten.

TrinityRhino Sun 04-Feb-07 08:08:17

how old is he?

auntymandy Sun 04-Feb-07 08:09:37

the teacher might not have known about it.

I would o in ,saying that not all guns blazing. unfortunatly these things happen

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:12:06

He is 5.

The teacher did know about it as he told her and the child was made to miss out on golden time.

I won't go in all guns blazing but this child maliciously bit my son because she wanted to stand where he was standing in the queue.

colditz Sun 04-Feb-07 08:13:32

Child has been punished - what do tyou want the teacher to do?

McDreamy Sun 04-Feb-07 08:16:17

Agree with Colditz really - what are you hoping to achieve? As horrible as it is the child has been punished.

auntymandy Sun 04-Feb-07 08:16:25

you are lucky you never had a biter yourself!!
My youngest used to do it. although only to me really. It was out of frustration! Some children arent articulate enough to express themselves and sometimes have to find some form of release.
I understand you are upset. the child was dealt with in school. Maybe she should have said something to you.

TrinityRhino Sun 04-Feb-07 08:17:43

if the child has been punished, I'm not sure why you want to go in and talk to them at all
It is horrible when something like this happens but it has been dealt with

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:18:53

I think I should have been told. It isn't the first time this child has bullied mine.

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:19:55

This child is 5 not 2. She is a little madam and picks on my child as he is a sweetie and an easy target. I think she should have told me.

TrinityRhino Sun 04-Feb-07 08:20:56

do you really think it is bullying

you said he did it cause he wanted to stand in the line where your ds was
seems like a normal time when a child who isn't getting his own way tires to do something, some bite, sort push, some whine and cry. Unfortuantely your ds got a biter but it doesn't sound like bullying

McDreamy Sun 04-Feb-07 08:22:22

If you had been informed what would you have done aboout it?

BTW I think I also would have liked to have been informed but I'm asking the question as I'm not sure what I would have done with the information.

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:23:00

It is bullying. She bit him on the chest to make him move. It is about the fourth ot fifth time she has done something to him, that I know about.

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:24:03

If she had bothered to tell me I would have wanted to know what she did to comfort my son and what she did to make the child know this is unacceptable. I send my son to school to learn, not to have to watch himself around another child every day.

TrinityRhino Sun 04-Feb-07 08:24:53

ok, i see what you are saying but maybe this girl is just out of control with her behaviour to EVERYONE and not singling out your ds

So, if you had been told what would you have done?

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:26:26

There isn't a lot I could have done but I would have made it quite clear to the teacher that it must not happen again.

TrinityRhino Sun 04-Feb-07 08:27:34

the child missed golden time and as a properly trained teacher I would have assumed that she would have told the girl that the behaviour was unacceptabel and that was why she was missing golden time

and why do you need to know how she somforted him, again as a properly trained teacher she would have cuddled him and soothed him till he was happy again, what else do you think she was going to do???

TrinityRhino Sun 04-Feb-07 08:28:47

and the point of saying to the teacher "It must not happen again" is????????

it's quite an absurd thing to say and expect that she can make happen
kids sometimes push, bite and fight when they want there own way.

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:28:54

I think I should have been told that my child was physically hurt.

There is no way on this earth she would have cuddled my son. She hardly even smiles at the kids when they talk to her. All for making them independant and grown up.

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:30:12

This teacher is repsonsible for the safety and well being of my child for a good chunk of the day and it isn't too much to expect that he won't be hurt like this when he goes to school. This isn't a push over in the playground. She bit him on the chest, and is an ongoing thing with her and I have had enough.

colditz Sun 04-Feb-07 08:31:20

Well, the child missed golden time, which is quite A Big deal to a 5 year old I think. Not a lot else the teacher can do.

I do understand though that it's upsetting when a child is being horrible to yourse, but probably (don't lynch me everyone!) she's just a horrible child.

TrinityRhino Sun 04-Feb-07 08:32:04

ahh, so is there an underlying problem here

are you not happy with the teacher and the way she generally deals with them. well that is a whole different problem.
Do they have 2 classes in the first year at your school, mabe you could ask to have him moved to the other class
I may sound blazee (sp?} about the behaviour of other children but I am very lucky to have had a wonderful teacher in dd1's first class and now in her second year class too.

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:32:10

Oh yes. She is that alright but considering the way the mother has spoken to me in the past I am not surprised.

colditz Sun 04-Feb-07 08:32:32

She sounds crap, the way you describe her.

NAB3 Sun 04-Feb-07 08:34:28

I don't like the teacher, or the way she is with them, but his Recpetion teacher was amazing and she is a hard act to follow. There are 3 year 1 classes, and I see what you are saying about him being moved, but why should he be moved when he has done nothing wrong. I am just so upset as I feel helpless. It is the fact that she has done things to him before and he says "every time she hurts me...." as if it is what he has to put up with.

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