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yohoohoo Wed 14-Sep-16 09:29:45

DS plays a sport and Ive been tasked with the raffle each week, everyone brings a prize ie wine, chocolates, smellies etc. £1 a strip. Most people will have a £1's worth but it's not going to make us much money. What else can I do to pull in as much as possible on match days? Better prizes? Was thinking of approaching local companies for donations or vouchers ie. Costa, Boots, Sainsburys

What do you do?

KingLooieCatz Wed 14-Sep-16 10:15:03

Local companies can be great at donating raffle prizes, we've had kindness from Sainsburys, Costas, Starbucks and local restaurants and cinema's doing vouchers. Sainsburys - use vouchers for raffle prizes or sweets and crisps to sell. Costas and Starbucks donate cups, tea, coffee and its provided to parents in an attempt to stop them wandering off and leaving the PTA to look after the younger ones. Which has happened, we have rules now.

If you have the strength and organizational skills to get the sports club registered as a charity it can boost the income significantly. Look into the pros and cons as there is some work involved. As a registered charity, if you do a fundraiser, any adults who help and work for companies with corporate matched giving (e.g. banks) can apply for the matched giving and get up to double the money. Makes a huge difference. You can also apply for grants etc.

Try to get more people enlisted in the effort.

For fundraising ideas there loads of websites with suggestions. I imagine with a sports club you might struggle to get the numbers that a school does for discos and movie nights.

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