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Homework in national curriculum and ofsted inspections

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NecessaryCoffee Tue 13-Sep-16 14:10:42

Our school has just implemented a old fashioned (to my mind) homework policy. The head is claiming that the DfE, national curriculum specify the requirement for homework; and the ofsted will look for evidence of homework during inspection.

I have tried looking at DfE, national curriculum and ofsted on web but cant find info on homework requirements. Could anyone help me by providing the links?
It's an LEA primary if thats pertinent.

Not interested in the pros and cons of homework (right now), but I want to fact check the head.

mummytime Tue 13-Sep-16 14:33:13

My DCs' old Primary got down graded from Outstanding to Requires Improvement, and a major part of that was homework (they had gone to pretty much no homework). So I might not be able to quote where it comes from, it is definitely a major part of what OFSTED is looking for now.

bojorojo Tue 13-Sep-16 16:25:59

In the Ofsted Inspection Framework dated August 2016, homework is not required, not assessed, and does not form a major part of any Inspection. See my post on your other message OP.

What Ofsted want to see is the way in which the school promotes learning taking into account different subjects, different age groups and different methods. Beyond this, they will always expect to see a robust assessment policy, and accurate assessment, so that the schools knows what progress the children are making. Clearly if they are making insufficient progress, and homework could have promoted learning, then Ofsted may consider this to be shortfall but they do not go looking for homework.

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