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DS year 6 worried about secondary school

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spudpudding Tue 13-Sep-16 13:18:48

DS heard stories about local high school from other kids at school who have older siblings, horror stories such as someone drove car into school, set firework off, and smoke in the loo. I am sure they are not true. There is no alternative other than a church school a bit further away that we can select. He is sad and says he's not going. Another parent is a teacher at hs so thought I'd speak to her about what I can do, not sure if I should mention to his class teacher? Don't want to come across as crazy over anxious parent. The hs is a good school, I am happy to send him there, any suggestions? I think he is a bit scared as lots going on this year, sats, more homework, thinking about hs, and also they have mentioned at school they will be having sex ed from nurse. I am trying to play it all down a bit. He is one of the younger boys and has sensory issues. He has been to the high school and said it smells and is too big!! Is this expected?? Any ideas???

kilmuir Tue 13-Sep-16 16:37:20

I have 2 older DC , one in 6th form and one year 10. They look out for the new year 7's especially when they look lost.
It is scarey moving on to secondary school. But most schools are good at settling them in, buddies, induction days etc

BlackCatSleeps Wed 14-Sep-16 11:02:11

Is there an open evening soon that you could go to together? In my area open days are all coming up this month. The schools tend to make a big effort to make themselves look fantastic, tell the children what a wonderful time they will have there, have fun science experiments going on (this is just normal local comp by the way!). I think most kids come away looking forward to going.

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