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Norfolk house school- Palmersgreen high school

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Berfin Mon 12-Sep-16 15:02:47

Hi mums,
Can i get any feedback on these two schools; i don't have enough information to make decision.My doughter goes the local primary school but we are not very happy with the school so we have decided to send her private school but not enough knowledge about the private side. Please could you help me?
Many Thanks

fittedcupboard Tue 13-Sep-16 09:22:33

Do you have a place at NH? It's basically an 11+ school, from what I have heard very nice and nurturing in the lower years and much tougher as the exams approach. Nor direct experience but know people who have sent their children there.

Berfin Wed 14-Sep-16 10:25:09

we don't have a space yet but she will be assesed tomorrow than school will let us known.Do you suggest any other school somewhere close to Bounds green? many thanks

knittingmum Wed 14-Sep-16 12:56:35

I have 2 girls at Norfolk House School - we've always been very happy and my children have positively flourished there. Class sizes are very small and attention and learning is very individualised. Fantastic nurturing and great staff. They work hard to make up for the lack of outdoor space by moving sports lessons to other local spaces. Yes, the work and pressure steps up from year 4 but they have an excellent reputation for getting the year 6's into excellent secondary schools! The children have to work hard all the way through school, there are expectations to be met and strong home/school relations really help.

ag123 Wed 14-Sep-16 22:00:02

Hi! I live in Bounds Green too! Which primary school does your daughter go to? Have you looked at Vita et Pax or Salcombe?

Nicechildrendreadufulteachers Fri 12-May-17 18:06:35

A high turnover of staff in certain year groups, KS 2 particularly. Why?

Nicechildrendreadufulteachers Tue 19-Sep-17 19:56:07

NH wasn't a nice school. The bullied (staff) became bullies themselves.

Nicechildrendreadufulteachers Tue 19-Sep-17 19:56:40

Maybe the ethos had changed as some staff have left.

Nicechildrendreadufulteachers Tue 19-Sep-17 19:57:15

Let's hope so, anyway.

Yokohamajojo Wed 20-Sep-17 11:18:48

Are you in the catchment area for APS? Has a very good reputation and results

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