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6 year olds swearing?

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nat73 Mon 12-Sep-16 11:26:20

DD1 has told me several times (and unfortunately gave an illustration in front of her grandmother at lunch yesterday...) that 2 boys in her class are swearing all the time (using the F word). They are aged 6. She is very indignant about this as we told her off very strongly for doing the same once last year and she has not done it since. She knows it is wrong.
I realise children are exposed to stuff they shouldn't be but its annoying if they are swearing all the time and we have told her not to do it. She says the teacher has told them off but they do it every day and that the one boy is disruptive alot of the time (being silly, not listening etc).
What should we do? Just repeat that they shouldnt do it or should I mention it to the teacher?

Branleuse Mon 12-Sep-16 11:30:16

repeat that theyre not allowed to do it. Im sure the teachers already know

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