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AIBU to think that in-year primary school admission to a different Council is a nightmare?

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mmwth3kds Fri 09-Sep-16 09:25:32

We moved in the Bromley area during summer hols and handed in all documents required (took four visits to get all right as they have a very through document-check-list and hoped children will start this September.
Now I am getting anxious as there are no news. Children at home enjoying the extended holiday and admissions team do not answer phones (according to the tele-message I hear "due to high level of in-year admissions they are dealing with"). Anyone has an advice what I should do do?
To give you more background information on us: I do not want to take them back to their old school in a different Council. They lost their father two years ago very unexpectedly and I want to start a new life in a new Borough to help them and me through this sad experience but Everything is working against me since...

PatriciaHolm Fri 09-Sep-16 09:45:43

Email, phone, again. To be completely fair to them, they would have needed all the schools to be back for the autumn term to sort out places (in case some kids just didn't turn up after the summer, it happens!). Once schools are back they should quickly have an idea of where the places are and what they can offer you, but do keep calling/emailing.

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