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UK Primary School Finishing Time In The 70s?

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TheOnlyWayToEatSandwiches Tue 06-Sep-16 15:56:02

I have done loads of research spent more than 5 minutes on Google before giving up and cannot find out how the finishing time of primary schools has changed over the years.

My OH and I are arguing about it.

I'm sure I used (in the 1970s and possibly early 80s) to finish at 16:30 ish, and they changed it to 15:30 at some point.

Or did I dream it?

mouldycheesefan Tue 06-Sep-16 15:58:24

You may have dreamt it. I remember it being 3.30 but I guess schools do vary!

CMOTDibbler Tue 06-Sep-16 15:58:35

We finished at 3 all through primary. At secondary we finished at 4.15 Mon-Thurs, Friday 2.30

MsWorthington Tue 06-Sep-16 16:01:58

That was the era I was at school, I'm almost certain that we finished at 3.30 all through primary. I know I finished at 4pm at secondary as I used to spend all afternoon clock watching.

PacificOcean Tue 06-Sep-16 16:04:01

I'm a child of the 70s and I'm pretty sure it was 3.30

ftw Tue 06-Sep-16 16:05:27

Primary was 3.15 and secondary 3.45 for me. From about 1978.

SydneyCarton Tue 06-Sep-16 16:07:46

Primary 3.15 (83-89), secondary 3.35 (89-96)

DoNotBlameMeIVotedRemain Tue 06-Sep-16 16:10:07

Ours was 3.30 which was moved back to 3.15 in early 1980s. There was a song about it that started 'at half past 3 we go home to tea, or maybe a quarter to 4.' which school had to change so I remember it well. My two finish at 3.15 for infants and 3.30 for juniors so similar.

TheOnlyWayToEatSandwiches Tue 06-Sep-16 16:10:36

Oh. Perhaps I just got a lot of detention then :|

MyWineTime Tue 06-Sep-16 16:12:46

3.15 for infants
3.30 for juniors & secondary

Imnothungryforbreadandbutter Tue 06-Sep-16 16:13:42

Start time was later though.
It was always 9 o'clock.

ProfYaffle Tue 06-Sep-16 16:15:13

I think it was around 3.15 ish. After school stuff could sometimes take it to 4.30pm though.

Em3978 Tue 06-Sep-16 16:15:38

84-87 Primary finished at 3.45
87-91 Middle school finished at 3.30

91-95 secondary finished 3.30

Idliketobeabutterfly Tue 06-Sep-16 16:17:53

Mother in law said d it was 9 til 4 for hubby who was born early 70s

ShelaghTurner Tue 06-Sep-16 16:18:31

3.25 here

HelloCanYouHearMe Tue 06-Sep-16 16:23:00

When i started primary in the mid 80s, it was after 4 when we finished. This was then changed to 310.

Secondary school (early 90s) was 325pm finish

AntiquityAgain Tue 06-Sep-16 16:23:05

3:15 in winter, 3:30 otherwise.

My upper school was 9:20-3:50 which is a way more civilised for teenagers than start times these days!

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Tue 06-Sep-16 16:29:10

Didn't it just differ depending on where you lived?

Infant and Junior finished at 3:30.

Secondary at 4.00

freetrampolineforall Tue 06-Sep-16 16:32:30

9 till 4 in 70s.

catslife Tue 06-Sep-16 16:57:32

I was at school in 1970s Infants 9 to 3.30pm Juniors 9 to 3.45pm. Secondary 9 to 4pm.
However it isn't just about the start and finish times. In the 1970s more children had school dinners or went home (no packed lunches) so lunch time was longer. Also at primary school we had a mid-afternoon play-time as well as mid-morning one.
I think what happened in the late 1980s/early 1990s was that many schools shortened the lunch break (and for the primary age group removed the afternoon playtime).

Out2pasture Tue 06-Sep-16 17:41:06

Rather than finding out start and stop times (which will be different from school to school). You may want to see how many hours of education per year students received decades ago.

blaeberry Tue 06-Sep-16 17:45:34

^At half past three we go home to tea,
Or maybe at quarter to four.^

Can't remember the rest of the song.

gillybeanz Tue 06-Sep-16 17:49:33

It was 3.30 in Primary and 3.45 in secondary, where i lived.
This was 1971- 82.

HereIAm20 Tue 06-Sep-16 17:50:30

I was at primary until 1977.

Primary was 9am - 3.25pm

I then went to grammar school, which was 8.35am until 3.15pm (bizarrely earlier than primary) but apparently this gave secondary kids enough time to walk to primary to collect younger siblings and look after them while parents were at work.

Kr1stina Tue 06-Sep-16 17:53:01

3:20pm for me 1967- 74

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