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School Education fund or similar - what do you do?

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Figgygal Tue 06-Sep-16 12:36:13

DS starts school tomorrow at a CoE school they have a school fund which supports with educational equipment, trips and they also need to find 10% of funding for building upkeep, redecoration, etc.

They have asked for a min voluntary donation of £15 per year which can then be translated into £150 by them (not sure how) and I obviously would give that but £5 3 times a year doesn't seem a lot so was thinking of paying more but don't want to look flash either.

Does anyone else have a similar arrangement and if so what do you pay? I know if I can afford to pay £50 a year (for example) and others only choose to pay the minimum then that is their decision and doesn't affect me but I think I would be a bit annoyed as well that I am making more of a contribution than others (not logical I know as others may not be able to afford more than the minimum).

Am about to go on mat leave too so possibly not the time to make a big commitment anyway.

Pengweng Tue 06-Sep-16 12:45:50

The school the DTs are starting ask for £5 per half term which goes towards class activities such as playdoh, extra craft stuff, cooking ingredients. So it's £30 a year each so I pay £60. If oyu can give more then do so. What i tend to do is pay what they have suggested (it's not a demand though, I know a lot of parents who only pay once or twice because that's all they can afford and that's fine) and then around Christmas and the end of the year I give an extra £10 or so to put towards parties etc. They do a lot of crafts/treats etc so I find they are grateful for any extra money around those times.

HellsBellsnBucketsofBlood Tue 06-Sep-16 13:08:38

I'd work out how much you think would be appropriate and hand them a cheque. No one else will know provided you don't tell them, so no need to worry about looking flash.

admission Wed 07-Sep-16 23:20:28

Whilst funding for schools is getting much tighter, there are rules about what can be asked for and far too many schools are now ignoring the rules. Any donations are voluntary, they are not supposed to make it more of a demand.
It is also not true that a CoE school has to pay 10% of upkeep of the building, redecoration. The school gets the same funding as every other school, faith or otherwise, part of which is to pay for general maintenance and redecoration etc. What a faith school does have to do is pay 10% of any capital funding the school spend on projects over £10K and most faith schools have a system via the Diocese to help cover these significant costs. I am afraid that managing to change £15 donation into £150 is simply not possible. What they are talking about is the fact that if they raise the 10% then they can access loans / funds for the other 90% but they still have to pay for the 90% over time by various means such as what is called devolve formula capital or by using some of the general school budget.

nonicknameseemsavailable Thu 08-Sep-16 00:04:04

we are asked for £50 a year

Iwantawhippet Sat 10-Sep-16 20:57:41

We give £1/week for cooking, pay for trips and contribute £50/month to the governors fund. This is for c of e voluntary aided. i don't think that diocese have cash available for work in schools - work in our school tends to be paid for by the governors fund not the diocese. It is a good school and I'm happy to contribute.

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