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Primary admissions and delaying entry

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Startingschool Sat 03-Sep-16 08:51:31

DD, turned four in August, and is due to start reception/F2 at a Foundation primary on Monday. I discussed delaying entry until September 17, when my daughter will be compulsory school age, very recently, with the head. (He knew already I thought she wasn't ready for school). He wasn't keen, I was unsure, and he advised /persuaded me that she starts on Monday and see how she goes.

She really isn't ready, some specific reasons, and I want to delay. I don't know how to manage it at this late stage!
I'm worried if DD attends on Monday, before I can ask formally, I actually won't be able to apply for delayed entry as she will technically have started?

Do I need to say I am deferring entry -whilst I apply for delay? I assume I have to defer in the meantime so the place is there Incase the head doesn't authorise delayed entry?

As its a Foundation School, the head has the final say on admissions. He was very keen for her to do a session on Monday and feedback to me. I don't know how best to proceed.

Number4OnTheWay Sat 03-Sep-16 09:09:25

Its got nothing to do with the head confused if you don't want to send your DD to school, don't! She's not compulsory age yet so there really isn't anything anyone can do about it. Phone he lea, they are there over the summer (although will now have to be Monday morning) and just inform them of won't be starting school yet smile

Number4OnTheWay Sat 03-Sep-16 09:10:45

Ahhh, I just saw that it's a foundation school (sorry, didn't read properly blush) I still don't think it particularly matters. You may loose the place, but can really when she is ready

Startingschool Sat 03-Sep-16 09:26:15

Thanks for replying, if I reapply, without the head's permission to delay, she won't get a place in reception in 2017. They would only offer a year one place if they had space, which is unlikel, and she'd miss reception.

LIZS Sat 03-Sep-16 09:35:32

You should be able to join reception later in the year and keep her place. If you withdraw until Sept 2017 another child will take it and you may not have the option to join in year 1. It is unusual still to defer and having applied for this year's intake it is late in the day to negotiate.

SellFridges Sat 03-Sep-16 09:37:08

Can you try to work with the school to build her up to full time? Our school did this with one boy with additional needs.

Unfortunately I don't think her being an August baby is a reason to not start her on its own. There'll be an August baby (at least one!) in every school year and someone always has to be the youngest.

Startingschool Sat 03-Sep-16 10:02:45

it is late in the day but I need to know the technicality, once she registers, even one session, is It too late to delay or say "she's starting at Easter" as she would have already started? Anyone an expert in admissions?!

There are reasons other than being an August child. I don't know Whether to send her on Monday or not, as they are expecting her.

prh47bridge Sat 03-Sep-16 15:09:20

You can defer until later in the academic year without losing the place. You can also insist your daughter attends part time. The Admissions Code doesn't say anything about what happens if your child starts and you then change your mind but my view is that, given what the Admissions Code does say, I would expect the school to support your wishes.

I would also add that you may well be worrying unduly. Reception should be very similar to nursery. More formal schooling does not start until Y1. The emphasis in Reception is on learning through play.

mouldycheesefan Sat 03-Sep-16 15:15:31

Do the session on Monday and feedback to the head. That's what you have agreed with him. If you don't bother following what you have agreed and request to defer, he may be less inclined to accept that?
Just stick to the original plan, you are having last minute nerves, see how she goes in Monday. You won't be the only parent having collywobbles.

Gyderlily Sat 03-Sep-16 15:21:54

In Scotland it's common to defer, I will be deferring my dd who is due to start next August but I have to apply for school at the normal time this November then apply to defer at the same time this need to be done by around February time, I doubt it's possible so late in the day

Gyderlily Sat 03-Sep-16 15:23:48

Also it's impossible to tell from one half day session... It's usually about 2 weeks in when the children realise this isn't something they just do occasionally that the upset starts! And after about 6 months when the learning goes up a gear some can start to get left behind!

prh47bridge Sat 03-Sep-16 16:33:14

If you don't bother following what you have agreed and request to defer, he may be less inclined to accept that

Assuming she is in England, if the OP chooses to defer without attending on Monday the head has to accept it. He has no choice.

NynaevesSister Sat 03-Sep-16 18:04:30

You can send him full time then decide to send him part time or decide to take him out and send him back after Christmas or Easter.

Until he reaches Compulsory school age (which is the term AFTER he turns 5, so in your case the Sept he starts in year 1) the choice is yours BUT he must be in school full time for the summer term. As long as he starts full time after the Easter Holidays the school must hold your place.

Google "School Admissions Code 2014". Copy section 2, part 16 (it's on page 24) and send with your letter.

Although it doesn't specifically you say you can chop and change the code is very clear that the right to start full time from the Sept, or after Christmas or after Easter is with the parent not the school, and you also have the right to start part time until your child reaches CSA or the summer term.

I know of parents who have started full time, then decided to defer the start till later in the year and also parents who started full time then went part time.

In addition I know of at least one parent who insisted, and was granted full time from day 1 of term where the school wanted six weeks of half days for settling in.

NynaevesSister Sat 03-Sep-16 18:12:19

Just re read your original post. You have the right to start her in Sept 2018. However the decision as to whether she starts in Reception or Year 1 will depend on the admissions authority for the school. They must take the head teacher's opinion into account but they make the decision not the head. They must make the decision based on your individual request and they cannot say a blanket no, nor can they refuse to consider it unless she has medical needs.

It doesn't matter if she starts for a while this academic year. You are asking for the right to apply for Reception for 2018 and the Admissions Code is very clear that if given permission to apply out of cohort In Reception your application must be considered the same as all other applications and without prejudice.

The admissions authority for your school is obliged by law to include information on how Summerborns can apply out of their usual year group.

You should read section 2, part 17 of the School Admissions Code (page 25). It's only a couple of paragraphs and it's very clear.

Startingschool Sat 03-Sep-16 21:16:26

Thank you everyone for your replies, they're very helpful. smile

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