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Schools in Twickenham

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missleahy Fri 02-Sep-16 08:04:49

Hi all

We are moving to Twickenham / Teddington area and are in the early stages of our search. Schools are critical (of course) to our search location and we're in the process of researching / talking to / asking advice on the local schools. There's limits to what estate agents can tell us so we're a little clueless.

Both raised Catholic although I steered towards CofE in later life. Both Catholic and CofE schools would be high on the wish list but not a be all and end all.

Areas we are looking at are south of the A316, around the Andover rd, Warwick rd / Twickenham green area however, it could be that we are a little more south than that so any info or insight would be terrific!

Thank you

amidawish Sun 04-Sep-16 10:20:08

if your dcs are baptised (at under 1 year old iirc) you could go for St James's or St Richard Reynold's.

tbh all the primary schools in that area are pretty good. some bigger than others. Archdeacon Cambridge is CofE, and probably your closest (and excellent).

amidawish Sun 04-Sep-16 10:21:05

ps catchments are very small so you are well out of Teddington catchment (Collis, St Mary & St Peter's etc) there.

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