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Moving to England

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Hannaschaub Tue 23-Aug-16 08:39:09

Hello, can someone please help me understand the school application system... It seems soo complicated. We will be moving to Surrey early next summer. We have 3 kids who at that time will be 8,5,3. I'd like my kids to go to the most local good/ outstanding school. But the more I research this the more worried im getting. If we move in June is it too late to apply for schools? Are there waiting lists for all good schools? Can I apply befor we actually move? Is private school easier? Better? How expensive is it? / I'm feeling dizzy 😳

PatriciaHolm Tue 23-Aug-16 13:16:33

For your 8 and 5 years olds, you will need to make in-year applications for state schools - so you need to talk to the local education authority (LEA -in this case Surrey) as soon as you are resident in the county and have a provable address.

Where are you now? If you are forces, you can apply from outside the county in advance as soon as you have an address here, but if not, then you can apply from overseas/elsewhere up to 4 weeks ahead of coming here but your local address will not be taken into consideration until you are actually resident in county.

For your 3 year old, depending on when they turn 4, (if they do so before Sept 1, 2017) you would need to make a late application for a reception place.

Some schools manage their own in-year applications process, the surrey website shows you which; for those you apply direct to the school, others to the LEA.

Essentially, you'll get given places where there are spaces free in the relevant years. There is no guarantee they will be in the same school though. If they are placed separately, you can put them on waiting lists, or appeal for a place in another school - though appeals are hard to win, especially in reception/yr1/yr 2 if there is already 30 children per class as legislation prevents normal admissions numbers going over this.

For private schools you would need to talk to the schools individually, but a primary school place would probably cost 8-10k per child per year.

CruCru Tue 23-Aug-16 18:31:42

If you move in June, it is not too late - but yes, the "desirable" schools will have a waiting list.

If you apply for private schools, most will take your application without a local address (as long as you pay the deposit). Surrey may be cheaper than central London but I find the PP's estimate of the cost per child very low - I estimate £13k per child BUT this tends to increase as they get older.

rosesarered9 Thu 25-Aug-16 17:15:37

Good/outstanding schools will be oversubscribed so you probably won't get a place until the middle of the school year when waiting lists move.

microscope Thu 25-Aug-16 17:22:08

a primary school place would probably cost 8-10k per child per year.

you'd need to budget a bit more than that probably - most places £4-5k per term and allow for increases of 5% per annum

but private non-selective may be your best bet for getting them all into one school

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