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Y6 applications to Senior School

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oompaloompaland Sun 21-Aug-16 10:02:30

Online applications for senior schools open on 1 September. We are in the position that our local senior school is, simply, awful. It always has been. I have friends who went there 20 years ago and it was dreadful then - poor discipline, awful results, demotivated children, high turnover of teachers. Ofsted report is poor. In the past few years it has been the only school that hasn't been able to fill its quota of students - everywhere else is oversubscribed.

I won't be putting it in our list of three, but will apply for other schools in our area - some are outstanding, some acceptable - all (in my opinion) much better than our catchment school. To be honest I don't expect our DC to get allocated any of them and we shall end up with the dreadful school. I just wondered if anyone else is in a similar position?

cece Sun 21-Aug-16 11:02:53

If you don't think you will get any of the outstanding schools then I think you should put your nearest one as one of your preferences. Simply because if you don't you could get an equally awful one or worse but miles and miles from home. At least the commute would be shorter! and then you can go on the waiting list for your preferred school.

cece Sun 21-Aug-16 11:03:40

Plus in our area you can put up to 6 schools on the application.

titchy Sun 21-Aug-16 11:54:26

If the school never fills all its places OP would be allocated it anyway even if she didn't put it down. Although if this is the year that everyone reads MN and puts it down as 'just in case' there may not be any spaces...

PumpkinPie9 Sun 21-Aug-16 12:03:39

If you don't get your preferred schools straightaway you might be able to get in on the waiting list. Sometimes kids don't turn up on the first day and then schools find it harder to fill places once people have bought uniforms and kids have been on induction days etc. So if you were prepared to move your dc a couple of days into the term you might stand a chance, if not before.

PettsWoodParadise Sun 21-Aug-16 12:40:45

Most others I've known in this postion have either moved or gone private. Sorry. I know it is noble not to abandon a failing school but then ideals go out the window when presented with situations like this. Have you visited the school in question? Sometimes a generation of bad press can mask a school that has actually turned itself around.

If the other schools are a distance away and you go on the waiting list you are unlikely to get very far, as if distance is the oversubscription criteria, someone moving to the area closer to the school will keep bumping you down.

Dixiechickonhols Sun 21-Aug-16 12:56:03

I assume you have been but if not there will be an open evening coming up in September. At least then you can ask teachers directly about things.

Have you looked further afield op? I'm not sure how accurate it is but the schools checker on rightmove shows schools nearby and whether they were under or over subscribed, I've been surprised by some.

Is DC baptised? I know the RC schools criteria around here is just baptism certificate or attending RC primary school, no need for church attendance like the C of E ones. (not suggesting you get DC baptised just I was surprised there was no need for regular church attendance on the RC school criteria)

oompaloompaland Sun 21-Aug-16 13:18:56

Thank you everyone for your responses. I think we only get to choose three schools - I know that other areas are up to 6 choices which would, at least, make me feel as if we have a fighting chance.

We are not religious at all. DC has never been baptised, and we are not church goers. It is however a really valid question, so thank you for that - I wish it were relevant for us.

I hadn't thought about putting the school on the list at all as (it would have to be) third choice, in case we ended up with something even worse, but miles away. Small mercies I suppose.

Yes, I would definitely move DC if we were on a waiting list and a place came up at a "better" school.

Private might be the only option - I have no "moral" issue with private education, although the fees will be at least £13,000 a year. Writing that down that does seem like a huge mountain to climb. Moving house isn't a possibility, although I understand entirely (more so now than ever before) why people do it.

It's all a real pickle in my head. I appreciate everyone's views - thank you.

hugsarealwaysneededhere1 Sun 21-Aug-16 18:59:39

Your child will be fine with your love and support. School is important but parent support makes the biggest difference. Good luck with your applications xxx

Daisy2315 Wed 24-Aug-16 22:58:18

We are in a similar position, have looked at private but have more than 1 dc so not affordable and not able to move at the moment.

The only plus we have is that we are in the catchment for another school which is not as bad as the closest school but it would not be my ideal choice. I'm just hoping that at the open evening it exceeds our expectations.

jamdonut Thu 25-Aug-16 00:29:04

I really think you should look at the school first. Just because it had a bad reputation doesn't mean it might not be on the up, especially if it's last Ofsted report was poor. Most likely the school is being monitored and things turning round for it. My children's school was like that. It's now a good, on its way to outstanding school. Trouble is, now it's oversubscribed...the school that a!ways had the better reputation had a bad Ofsted, and everyone wanted their kids to go to the school that previously had such a bad reputation!!!! Actually every school my kids have been to ended up in special measures at one time or another!!! They've all got on fine... 2 at Uni and one about to go into 6th form. Best of all, they've never had a long journey to and from school. Find out for sure, before you write it off. You may be surprised.

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