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Pen advice needed

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thelionsleepstonight Mon 15-Aug-16 13:53:30

Dd has quite messy handwriting, she struggles to join it up and she also doesn't hold the pen 'correctly'.

Just after advice on which pens would be a good choice for her? We are working on holding it correctly but she just grips so tightly it hurts her hand.

LaughingHyena Mon 15-Aug-16 14:08:43

DS struggles with holding pens (among many other things). He does best with something fairly chunky rather than a thin pen/pencil. Triangular ones are good too, but not that easy to find.

We've got a few different types of pencil grip, they do help but he's not keen on using them at school and standing out. You can buy variety packs to see what works, DS liked the kush n flex ones and [[ these]].

Might be worth asking your daughters school if they have any she can try out. I know ours keep a few types around and it's expensive experimenting.

Pen wise we were recommended the stabio easy start range. Grip wise he get's on OK but he finds them a bit scratchy to write with.

[[ These]] triangular ones are quite good and his favorite at not standing out.

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