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Admission dates

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user1471238641 Mon 15-Aug-16 06:29:47

Would be grateful for your advice please. My daughter was born in Feb 14 and we currently live abroad. We want to move back to the uk and secure her a primary school place.

What date would we need to complete the application?

Thanks in advance.

NickNacks Mon 15-Aug-16 06:40:22

Application closes mid January 2018 for a September 2018 start.

Hopelass Mon 15-Aug-16 06:51:55

As nick said. My son was born oct 13 so will be in the same school year as your daughter.

user1471238641 Mon 15-Aug-16 06:57:18

Thanks for your advice, appreciate it.

Saracen Mon 15-Aug-16 10:05:27

Do you have a specific area in mind? Check to see whether the local primary schools in that area tend to be oversubscribed. If so, you need to meet the deadline in order to have the best chance of securing a place at your preferred school.

In some areas there are plenty of vacancies and the deadline doesn't matter. If the school has places, you can literally just turn up a few weeks before term starts and enrol your child.

TeenAndTween Mon 15-Aug-16 11:10:12

If you are wanting a faith school, you may need to be back earlier in order to meet additional requirements (such as turning up to church regularly for 6-12 months).

Mid Jan is the application deadline. if you want to visit school open days etc you would need to be in the country for the autumn term too.

prettybird Mon 15-Aug-16 11:20:52

You mention moving back to the UK in your OP.

If you're thinking of Scotland or NI, then the cutoff dates and the admissions procedures are very different.

prettybird Mon 15-Aug-16 11:28:00 in Scotland a Feb 14 child could start school (P1 - no reception here) in Aug 18 or Aug 19.

Registration would be November/December/January the year before depending on the local authority. Enrolled at your catchment school (denomination or non-denominational - in practice = catholic or not-catholic) but you can then also fill out a form with a placing request for a different school.

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