Ealing primary schools: Fielding, Oaklands, Grange and Little Ealing

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PITA5000 Thu 11-Aug-16 21:16:57


I will be submitting an in year application for my daughter to start Y2 this fall. We are in walking distance of these schools and I do not have a car. The application allows me to list and rank 3 schools. According to the lists, there are openings at oaklands and grange for Y2, does that mean there is no one currently waiting for these spots and we could be assigned right away?

I know I can look at the ofsteads and visit the schools once they open to help,me know which school I prefer, but wondered if I could get a pulse on these schools from parents here in the meantime.


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wibblywobblytummytumtum Thu 11-Aug-16 21:26:45

I live literally on top of Oaklands and personally don't rate it. My children do not go there. It has had a high turnover of head teachers which I understand has bought some instability. I know a teacher there too who has serious reservations about the amount changes in leadership they've experienced and the impact this has on the quality of teaching the children are receiving.
When I was looking at primary schools, I found Fielding a very good school but quite cold. I think from your list, I'd go with Grange. I think so much depends on your child though and the type of environment they would thrive in most.

uhoh1973 Sat 13-Aug-16 08:03:28

My friend's child is at the grange and she is very happy with it.

Duchessofealing Sat 13-Aug-16 08:11:27

The Grange is doing better but has problems with fluidity of children - lots of new joiners and leavers. Little Ealing or Fielding are very popular, there is also Christ the Saviour if you are Christian which is Outstanding OFSTED. No personal knowledge of Fielding as we are outside catchment (old rules) but have heard it locally compared to St Pauls in terms of how good it is. Little Ealing has a new head teacher starting in September and is very well thought of. The Grange also does not have a great local reputation and I don't know anyone who put it as first preference. Get a place and get on a waiting list once you have had chance to get a better feel - if your children are at chlubs with friends they should adapt easily enough in a term or two. Good luck!

Duchessofealing Sat 13-Aug-16 08:12:32

Clubs! Not chlubs!!! No coffee yet!

reup Sat 13-Aug-16 08:27:24

That's utter rubbish about the turnover of head teachers at Oaklands. It's incredible how inaccurate local gossip is. Sad really, especially when people have no actual experience of the school.Their new one has been there two years, she initially came there to fill a gap when they couldn't recruit (about 8 Ealing schools were looking for heads at the same time) but decided to give up her advisory role at the LA because she loved the community atmosphere of the school so much. The one before that was there for 7 or 8 years. Before that there was one who was there for half a year- she was evidently a real problem but luckily this was recognised very early on and the lovely deputy head plugged the gap. She recently retired after about 35 years there! The current deputy sends her own children there. So the major issue was 10 years ago!

I have friends with kids in all 4 schools. They all like them - none are perfect and some years years they prefer one teacher to another.

Walking from Grange to Oaklands would take at least 30 minutes so I would go to the nearest one and you have more chance of local friends. Grange and Fielding are 4 form entry , little Ealing is 3 and Oaklands is mainly 2 but with a couple of bulge years (I'm not sure which ones now). Some people prefer smaller schools some larger. Oaklands and Little Ealing have no grass/fields in their playground but Fielding does. Am not sure about Grange. Little Ealing have only optional uniform which I would love but I know some people love uniform.

Good luck

reup Sat 13-Aug-16 08:32:24

I know lots of people who put Grange first b cause they actually visited it and met parents their. . Again weird local gossip as it historically wasn't as relentlessly middle class as Fielding or Little Ealing. It is now though. Someone with a 2 year old once told she has head it wasn't very academic! Funny if it wasn't so ridiculous. My friend has 2 children at the school and despite recently moving she didn't change their school as she likes it so much.


uhoh1973 Sat 13-Aug-16 08:40:41

My friend and her husband are both professionals and her husband went to cambridge. They aren't catholics so didn't apply to the faith school and put grange as their no. 1 choice. There is a big turn over of children and it's very diverse however they have a very good work ethic. As ever visit the schools and don't be swayed by heresay...

nikhep Sat 13-Aug-16 22:16:26

I also live literally on top of Oaklands. My five year old is just going in to year one and we are really happy with the school. It has a lovely friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend it if you are lucky enough to secure a place for your daughter.

Ealingdad Sat 18-May-19 09:20:53

Hello, I have registered my son at Durston House for entry in September (Reception). I paid the deposit then unexpected circumstances occurred and I have to withdraw him. I am asked by the school to pay a full term fee as penalty for missing the deadline of withdrawing, unless they find an alternative child to take his place by mid July. Any advice? Can I help the school search somewhere for parents who would like to use that space?

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