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Need advice Wellingborough Private or Redwell Primary?

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Swapriya Tue 09-Aug-16 19:34:12

Hello ladies, I am thoroughly confused and wondering if anyone can help? My daughter has secured admission in Wellingborough Private school for Year 2 . We decided to put her there as the current choice of State school was not good at all. After getting the admission in Private school, we have just been advised that she has been allocated a place in Redwell Primary which is outstanding State school. Now I am really confused. Can anyone let me know if Private schooling in Primary does indeed make lot of difference? She is a smart kid and I really want her to get that extra challenge. Would Outstanding state school be much different to Private? Plsssss help.

ClockMakerSue Tue 09-Aug-16 19:44:36

Imo, private schooling gives the school freedom, especially at primary, to teach how is best for the children they have rather than worry about govt data and targets. Smaller class sizes and a broader curriculum have also been my experience.

This sounds daft but I would not be swayed by 'outstanding' as the result is largely based on school data and little else and I know of schools where year 6 is just SATs practice.

Swapriya Tue 09-Aug-16 19:53:16

Thanks so much ....To be honest GCSE result of this private school appears to be above national average

ClockMakerSue Tue 09-Aug-16 19:59:33

Good luck! Which of the two do you think best suits your daughter?

Swapriya Tue 09-Aug-16 20:09:11

Hard to say....She is very adaptable...has been to Wellingborough private for couple of settling in sessions and loved it....Redwell - have read ofsted n it appeared impressive...she has no preference...

bangingmyheadoffabrickwall Mon 15-Aug-16 22:20:48

I teach in a state 'Good' Primary School. If I had the funds, my DCs would definitely go to an independent school.
1. Too many state schools teach to the test. They don't have a choice really if their cohort isn't up to 'government targets'. It is something many of them have to do just to survive an OFSTED.
2. Smaller class sizes - though not always guaranteed. One independent school a friend sends her child too has class sizes of 26 - only 4 less than the legal maximum for EYFS and KS1.
3. Opportunities - children in pre-prep and pre schools often have specialised tuition in the arts, sports and other subjects. They also tend to have far more educational visits especially to foreign countries - but the downside is the expense.

I don't always agree the teaching is any better though. I think a lot of success is down to adult:pupil ratio, facilities (my local independent school gives access to FS2 pupils to the gym, pool, theatre etc), parental support (parents pay so expect quality education).

I think in my area, which is rural, independent schools have a lot more to offer.

Amethyst35 Thu 25-Aug-16 21:30:43

Hi, I have no experience of private schools, but Redwell Primary is awful. My son used to go there (now awaiting placement in a special school). I know you are clearly in a different situation to us, but I found that the Headteacher was completely uninterested in working with parents and she tried to bully, intimidate and gaslight me. She is not interested in the emotional well-being of the pupils at all. The amount of back pedalling that happened after the Nurture Unit my son currently attends got involved has been quite amazing. They talk a good talk and yes get results, but there is no way my daughter is going there when she starts school. We will be picking up the pieces of my son's time there for a long long time to come.

Swapriya Fri 26-Aug-16 06:24:44

Thanks for sharing bangingmyheadoffabrickwall. We have withdrawn our interest from State school. Feeling bit relieved now smile

Swapriya Fri 26-Aug-16 06:26:45

OMG Amethyst35 sounds awful. Hope all goes well with your son. We are now going private. Thanks for sharing.

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