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Last minute move and starting reception

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mcwhite Mon 08-Aug-16 06:22:28


My summer born is starting reception in September. Got a place and all transition visits done and so on. However, we are now moving to a different area entirely. Fortunately there is a place available at the school where we are going.

I will need to go through the formal process of notifying both LEA's and actually applying for the new school.

Has anyone been through similar and have any advice? I'm mainly concerned that after preparing her for one school, she will actually be starting at another. Is that terribly unsettling, or at her age is it less of a problem?

Her closest nursery friends are attending other schools anyway, and she seems to be fine with what's happening and not raised any concerns.

Am I worrying about nothing?

redskytonight Mon 08-Aug-16 13:15:55

I think you are smile At 4, she won't have a real concept of what "going to school" actually means. She might have visited a nice place and met a kind man/lady and some other children, but she's likely to just accept that that was then and now she's going to some other place.

I think a lot of Reception children have entirely forgotten their transition visits by the time summer is over anyway!

catkind Tue 09-Aug-16 18:57:43

She'll be fine smile Especially not having started yet, she's only a visit or two behind the others in her class, a week in you won't know the difference. Plenty moved schools even later in the reception year at DS's school (new school and the only one in the area with spaces) and also slotted in no problem.

Not for the reasons redsky says - DD and friends seem to have a very clear idea what they're getting into, as did DD a year ago when she started preschool. But they're not attached to the teacher or the other kids yet and 4 is old enough to understand the change in plans.

booellesmum Wed 10-Aug-16 07:57:40

My DD is now 14 but I still remember how much I worried when she started primary.
She had gone to nursery where I worked, 20 miles from home, so knew no one when she started primary. She settled in fine -by the first half term she couldn't remember anyone from her nursery!
This was the same for DD2, although of course she had her sister there.
Kids are very resilient.
( They also were the only ones from their classes to go to the Senior school they chose - so wasn't a problem at 11 either!)

mcwhite Thu 11-Aug-16 20:06:30

Thank you all! Feeling much better about it all now. You're right, it's going to be absolutely fine!

Draylon Sun 14-Aug-16 15:42:45

Don't worry, it'll be fine.

We arrived in the UK 6 weeks before DS1 was due to start Reception, so no nursery/kindy experience in the UK, and also during the summer holidays, thus had no school arranged at all! Couldn't get into the full, outstanding, 'highly recommended' catchmented primary (near to where we were renting) - who somewhat dismissively waved vaguely in the direction of the next nearest primary, where they did have space.

So we drove over there, a lovely, welcoming receptionist was in and showed us around, 'interview' with the HT a couple of days later, DS started there in the Sept.

DS is late May born, not overly confident, but he never looked back. Had a half day 'orientation' a week or so after the elder DC in the class had started, then half days to half term, then full-time.

At the start of Y5, we chose a secondary, not the catchmented one for his primary, so we did, however, move DS1 (and DS2) from that primary to one catchmented to the desired secondary (start of Y6 for DS1) so he'd make some friends prior to secondary. I think it would've been a bigger issue at 9-10 than ever it was at 4.

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