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primary schools Liverpool

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user1469642194 Sun 07-Aug-16 22:40:52

Hello out there
Im a new member and writing for advice please. I have a new job in Liverpool starting in january and me, other half and two sons (who are currently 4 and 6 and will be 5 and 7) will be moving in Dec. We are trying to seek out good primary schools before deciding where to purchase a house, and have ofsted reports etc. Mid year transfers to primary schools work differently to allocation via LEA applications, so Liverpool LEA have suggested I just phone around the schools to find out about places. Of course, being the summer we cannot get hold of anyone in the schools with whom to discuss this until September (just keep getting through to answer phones) and can't ascertain whether / which schools are likely to have places for both boys (need a place for reception for the youngest and year two for the eldest). At this stage though I'm just keen to hear about people's experience of primary schools in the Aigburth, Woolton, Calderstones, Childwall neck of of the woods. Thanks in advance.

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