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River side school maidenhead

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Kaymumma Tue 02-Aug-16 08:14:47

Hi I'm looking for some advice please.
We moved to Cookham in April we have a now 6 year old son who has no school place, we are being forced by the council to either send him to Riverside or home school him those are the only options, I have visited RIverside and have done a lot of reasurch on the school as well, to be honest I'm not happy with sending my son their for several reasons, I was just wondering if any local parents have and views on the school..?
We are aware a new head teacher will be starting in September who has a fantastic reputation.
Being new to the area my son has no friends or children where we live to play with, he's very lonely this is very upsetting to me , his education is also very important and I'm not going to just throw him into any school because the council want to fill the school up because hardly no one wants to send their child there. Any feed back will be greatly appreciated .
Many thanks Kayleigh

SarahOnfire Tue 09-Aug-16 03:52:07

Hi I know the town very very well. I know the new headteacher too as he taught my son at wessex.. He is fantastic!! Can't rate him highly enough. Maidenhead isn't a hugely rough area, is Berkshire at end of day, not somewhere with massive high crime ratings. I can see your reluctance but I don't think it's all that bad especially as Mr s will without a shadow of a doubt turn things around.
On fb there is a group called mgg, Maidenhead gossip girls, with nearly 10k members. Post on there that you'd be interested in setting up a play date with other children from reception from that school. Go along see how you feel.. You might meet someone just like you.
In my local authority you can reject a school & they have to find you nearest one with a place. Can you do this? Might mean driving a good distance....would you be prepared to do that
Also is your child high on waiting lists for any others? You might find late Aug / early Sept that a place comes free and you move up list

SarahOnfire Tue 09-Aug-16 03:53:32

Meant to say I'm in diff local authority now as moved slightly into next county

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