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What's the difference between Sacred Heart RC Primary & St Mary/St John Catholic Primary

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Jadecarpet Mon 01-Aug-16 20:24:29

I've 3 young children & we're moving from Ireland to Wigan
I'm going to be living square between 2 catholic schools; Sacred Heart Catholic Primary & St Mary and St John Catholic Primary.

Would be grateful for any feed back on the schools. Would one be more academic than the other? Is one more strict on behavior than the other? Does one offer more extra curricular activities than the other? Which one feeds to the better High school? And how difficult is it to get into these schools??

That kind of information would be greatly appreciated...

GherkinsOnToast Mon 01-Aug-16 20:52:56

St Mary and St John was always and Ofsted Outstanding school and a friend sent her children there (this was 5 years ago now though!) Sacred Heart was seen and the least preferable school (Catholic or not) when they were applying for places. If Sy Mary and St John is still outstanding you may well find it more difficult to get a place there rather than Sacred Heart.

Jadecarpet Wed 03-Aug-16 18:00:36

Thank you GherkinsOnToast for your feed back. This is very helpful.

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