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Floppywillow Sat 30-Jul-16 13:41:28

I just wondered if other teachers suffer like I do. The minute holidays are here my ears feel strange, very fatigued and sinus. Then I feel guilty for feeling so awful.

mrz Sat 30-Jul-16 14:53:44

I'm ill for the first week of nearly every holiday as soon as I stop it hits!

irvineoneohone Sat 30-Jul-16 15:05:17

I am not a teacher, so thank you for looking after our children all year!
Have a nice rest and have great summer! flowers

Minispringroll Sat 30-Jul-16 16:30:41

Usually, yes. Have had a cough for about a week now (started the Saturday after we broke up) but it's luckily not developed into anything else. I've only just come out of 5 weeks of a very persistent cold...21 weeks pregnant, so immune system isn't quite up to scratch at the minute anyway.

Apart from that, though, I'm never usually ill unless I change which point my body takes a little while to get used to new germs, it seems. grin Changed schools twice this year.

Floppywillow Sat 30-Jul-16 17:36:18

Thank you irvineoneohone I do love working with the children and watching them develop. This year with the new curriculum it has been hard. So just need to switch off. Have a good holiday .

CandODad Sun 31-Jul-16 14:45:17

I just qualified so don't count as a real teacher yer but after hothouse my main placements I was really ill. Right now I'm struggling to hear as my tubes are blocked as a risidual symptom of a cold.

All teachers I have spoken too have told me to expect it as the norm!

CandODad Sun 31-Jul-16 14:45:35

Yet not yer

chickenowner Mon 01-Aug-16 10:21:48

When I taught full time I used to be ill every school holiday!

YorkieDorkie Mon 01-Aug-16 10:28:05

Every holiday, yep. Fatigue hits like a ton of bricks!

Lilaclily Mon 01-Aug-16 10:29:40

It's not just teachers though
Any leave I have starts with a migraine
It's when you start to relax I think

apple1992 Mon 01-Aug-16 10:30:54

Me too, ill every holiday and often at weekends but never ever during the week! It is bizarre.

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