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Recommended primary schools with nursery school Nottingham

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LilaMagick2016 Wed 27-Jul-16 11:57:25

Hi everyone. We are moving to Nottingham around end of September. Work will most likely be near Mapperley. Before I start researching rentals I wanted to get some recommendations on schools. Our daughter is 5 turning 6 in February next year and our son is 2 turning 3 next January. They have been schooled in South Africa up to now. I realise it will be a while until our son can go to nursery school so will need to find him a good nursery school until then. I will most likely be working part-time. We love the outdoors but would like to settle somewhere near activities for the kids, school, shops, restaurants etc. So not too quiet. We would look to rent a 3 bedroom detached or semi-detached house with decent garden for the kids. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

sportinguista Sat 30-Jul-16 05:30:17

I think the schools near Mapperley are supposed to be good. I had friends who moved up there and they said it was nice there, the nurseries are probably good too but don't know specific schools. Areas to avoid are St Ann's, Hyson Green, Radford. Parts of Aspley are Ok, but it's best to check on Right Move's school finder. West Bridgford and Beeston are nice if you can afford but the commute would be difficult.

We have been in Nottm 20 years and are now looking for next move so are closely scrutinising this as well! Good luck and welcome to the city! smile

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