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My 7yo hates to read and is behind

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starwarsismyreligon Wed 20-Jul-16 23:31:44

Help! My 7yo daughter is having a really hard time reading. She has just finished year 3 at school (she just turned 7, very young for year)
I have tried all the ticks, to get her interested. Took her to library to choose own books, bought comics, she is quite tomboyish and loves horrid Henry but really struggles with the early readers, and just wants me to read them to her!
She has no interest and it really stresses me out, it's such a fundamental skill that she seems to be missing.
Any advise much appreciated!

GreenSand Thu 21-Jul-16 19:03:08

Just about to start or finish year 3?

Read to her, if she won't read to you.

And have you tried factual books?? And it doesn't matter what level the book is. If she wants to read books you think are too babyish, let her. It's all reading.

Does she see you reading?

My just turned 7, but just finished Y2, has only really wanted to read in the past few months, and factual books are what started it.

Is the local library doing a summer reading challenge over the holidays??

Bitlost Thu 21-Jul-16 22:02:33

You could get a book she likes and take it in turn to read it. Depending on her stamina, you could switch at each sentence, paragraph, page or chapter. If she likes Horrid Henry, read Horrid Henry.

This should hopefully help build her confidence and progress towards longer books.

Hope this helps.

Obeliskherder Thu 21-Jul-16 22:38:54

So read her Horrid Henry, and get her to read the first sentence on each page or something. Mix it up. Ask her to read just the word 'a' or 'Henry', and read the rest to her with your pointed finger running under the words. She'll have to follow so she can spot her words, and she'll pick up some of the rest without realising.

Or get her to do the pointy finger while you read. She thinks she is getting away without doing any of the reading, but she's actually doing quite a bit to stay in the right place.

CattDamon Thu 21-Jul-16 22:51:23

Good ideas above but maybe an audio book whilst looking at the book? Maybe make it into a game: you pause the audiobook & she has to point to where you're up to, or she has to be the page turner.

Bless her, I bet there'll be a point where she becomes an avid reader & reads non stop!

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