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Nursery exit/reception entrance levels (someone bring me up to speed)

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MiaowTheCat Mon 18-Jul-16 16:10:16

They've changed all of this since I taught reception - was back when we were still meant to be running around with post-it notes wearing a tiara which dates me very effectively to a certain era no doubt (the foundation profiles had just come in).

Trying to decipher DD1's nursery development file (apart from the "doesn't shut up" elements running through it all - I'm on good terms with her keyworker though and like that she doesn't sugarcoat it!)... she's bang-on 50 months - but has nothing at the 30-50 months on her progress tracker - everything on the 40-60+ section... am I reading it right that she's basically solid on the 30-50 band and looking at it fairly solid on the 40-60+ banding which is the top of that scale?

(Apologies if this makes no sense whatsoever)

Just trying to check my understanding of it's right - not that I'm some nutter who sits down and reads this stuff for fun - I just like to know that the little dear's where she should be heading (because she is very bright but needs "sitting on" on occasions).

I was mainly going through the observation comments to find out what she's been saying about me and I cringed at the 4 post-it long explanation of how to work the Sky remote with associated channel numbers for all her favourite TV programmes!

Mandzi34 Mon 18-Jul-16 17:34:09

Well my DS is the same and is in the 40-60+ section for everything apartment from maths and a couple of other things where he's slightly higher (as in secure). I asked his key worker and she said he was exactly where he should be so I'm hopeful that Reception won't be a massive shock to the system for him.

Ginmummy1 Fri 22-Jul-16 21:41:40

I remember poring over the nursery folder and all the EYFS criteria this time last year!

Is your DD's nursery at the same school your DD is going to? I don't think my DD's school cared a bit about the assessment from her separate private nursery!

I know it shouldn't be the case, but it seems that some nurseries will move them up to 40-60+ sooner, and others will hold them back to 30-50 to show more progress in Reception.

You probably have a good gut feeling for how she's doing. The main things they'll be looking for are things like doing coat up, going to the toilet and being able to sit still for a while!

Pengweng Sat 23-Jul-16 15:39:24

My DTs got either secure 30-50 or developing 40-60 for most of their nursery assessments which I was expecting as they are yet to turn 4 so are where they should be. Surprisingly though one of them scored higher in the numeracy section when I always thought the other one was much better at maths. So i guess sometimes it is just a snapshot of what they like to show at school. They also had one of mine as being very creative and loves to draw etc and she never does any at home, the other one does though all the time. If they didn't have different keyworkers I would think they had mixed them up, haha!
I did get told they had to work on doing up their own zips for next year so I will see how that goes hmm

mrz Sat 23-Jul-16 19:27:07
40-60+ is end of reception strand where you will find the ELGs in bold

MiaowTheCat Sat 23-Jul-16 19:54:32

Thanks for the replies, at my mums on the world's worst internet so will look properly when I get a chance. Thanks for the link mrz- that's kind of what I wanted to know.

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