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Morgan out?

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RafaIsTheKingOfClay Thu 14-Jul-16 10:40:44

BBC reporting that it looks like Morgan will not be keeping her job as Education Sec. Can't think that many will be sad to see her go.

Wonder who we'll get and what direction they might go in. At least sorting out communication and organisation would be a start.

irvineoneohone Thu 14-Jul-16 10:48:40

I want mrz grin

eddiemairswife Thu 14-Jul-16 11:55:28

It's Justine Greening.

InternationalHouseofToast Thu 14-Jul-16 11:57:20

I am so happy that she and Gove have both crawled back to the back benches. Neither will be forgiven for the SATs test this summer. Here's hoping we get someone who actually listens to subject experts.

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