KS1 tutor or on line resources ?

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Didiplanthis Sat 09-Jul-16 15:42:04

Ok. Before I get jumped on I know Dd is very young and needs to be a child have fun etc but she is coming to the end of year 1 and hasn't had the best year academically. She has always been very able from pre school onwards and in reception she did really well,completing most of the yr 1 syllabus. This year she has had a tricky year with teacher sickness and lots of supply teachers. She is in a small rural school with a composite 1/2 class and has mostly been doing year 2 stuff but doesn't really seem to have been taught it - more 'here you go see what you can do with this' kind of thing, while the teaching staff concentrate on teacher year 2 for sats and year 1 year 1 stuff. She is also in a group with some really gifted children who she works with but probably isn't quite at their level. This seems to have resulted in her losing confidence and not really understanding some of the basic year 2 concepts which we have done some work on at home. I have been into school to discuss it but have been told the year 1 stuff is too easy for her but that she struggles to keep up with the 2 more gifted children working at the higher level. So it's not been great and my child seems to have been lost a bit in the differentiation of the classes and fallen down a bit of a hole. Also her reading seems to be at the same level she was at the end of reception despite daily reading at home. My question is would a 1:1 tutor over the summer help plug the gaps and boost her confidence or would some regular work with work books or online resources do just as well ?? Next year she will be in the same class as unusually due to year group size they are not doing a 1/2 and 2/3 year which I think for her confidence will be a good thing as it may be that a further year consolidating year 2 work is just what she needs to let her brain catch up.

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user789653241 Sat 09-Jul-16 18:29:24

She is end of yr1 now but she has been working on yr2 curriculum?
So she isn't actually behind, am I correct?
If so, I would just do what you have been doing, little 1:1 work through the summer.
Does she really need formal learning with tutor through the summer ?
She will be learning yr2 curriculum at school anyway from September , isn't she?

Didiplanthis Sat 09-Jul-16 19:04:27

Yes she's not behind at all but they have an assumption she understands more than she does of the year 2 work and will be building on that next term with her rather than doing it again and they are asking her to do stuff she is struggling a bit with but not looking at why she is not getting it and I am worried they will assume she knows it next year. She has lost quite alot of confidence as a result. So I just want to consolidate what they are insisting she can do but she isn't actually secure in over the holidays. I have suggested they just drop her back a bit but they insist it is too easy - I think they are more used to parents pushing to advance their children not hold them back a bit !

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Didiplanthis Sat 09-Jul-16 19:05:24

Also I would rather not tutor but don't know where to start with a bit of on line fun stuff

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user789653241 Sat 09-Jul-16 19:28:07

It sounds like a tricky situation.
How about get some yr2 work book and do it over the summer, and see how she gets on with it? If she find it too difficult, go back to yr1 stuff.

And I assume there are a lot of learning website which follows NC.
I only know IXL, and ds loves it, but some people says it's boring,
Have a look. (it's paid site, but you can try 20 questions a day for free.)

For maths, I recommend this(free site):
This site is American, but it covers all aspect of maths with great tutorials and quiz.

For reading comprehension, this site is great.(free site)

thayanirmi Mon 06-Aug-18 23:34:16

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