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Well, got the reports for Y1....

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EarthboundMisfit Fri 08-Jul-16 20:16:08

Very similar reports for my 6yo identical twins.

Both 40/40 on the phonics screening.
Mastery on virtually everything except....

Letter formation

One twin has lovely handwriting but still forms some letters bottom to top. He's left handed. He only got secure for one aspect of PE. Everything else emerging.

Other twin got secure for all PE, one emerging for letter formation. His writing has improved massively and the report acknowledged his huge effort, but said he would still be having intervention (he's been on it for 2 years). He CANNOT use a decent pencil grip.

Max effort scores for both, but issues with organisation raised.

Anyway, I check almost every box for dyspraxia and I'm wondering if this is a possibility for them. Problems with motor skills don't come through lack of practice, they're very active and do lots of sports, none of them well!

Before I go to parent's evening...any input from teachers or experienced parents?


TeenAndTween Fri 08-Jul-16 21:11:17

As a parent of a child with dyspraxia that wasn't formally identified until year 11 (GCSE year) I would say if you are concerned raise it sooner rather than later.

TeenAndTween Fri 08-Jul-16 21:12:25

(otoh, it could be because they are only 6.)

EarthboundMisfit Fri 08-Jul-16 21:17:09

That's the difficulty, isn't it? I shall mention it to their teachers just in case. Certainly the current intervention isn't really helping my DS1, so I need to raise this with his teacher anyway. He does much better writing on a slope, so I wondered if that could happen at school.

I suppose the issue is that what they have received is essentially my school report as it was every year. Yes, it's great to do well in academic subjects, but I've had a lot of problems and definitely not managed to fulfil my potential as well as having crippling self esteem issues.

Their experience isn't mine, but if something is going on, I'd like to help.

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