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CAT4 Scores

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SDF Fri 08-Jul-16 17:21:54

My Yr 5 DS sat CAT4 tests in October and came out with and average of 95 across Verbal, Quantitative and Non Verbal.

We were looking to change his school in September and he's sat further CAT4 tests 9 months on for entry into his new school (to assess where he sits) and his score averages at 118!

The largest individual difference was in the Non-Verbal reasoning where he moved from 95 to 131! But big increases were seen across all the sections.

Is this change normal? Under what circumstances would you see such a difference in the results of one child.

meowli Fri 08-Jul-16 17:28:43

Did he do any practice papers in between tests?

SDF Fri 08-Jul-16 17:43:05

No, nothing. We were only told last minute that they would be testing him.

meowli Fri 08-Jul-16 17:50:31

I'm at a loss, then! Are you sure that the two tests were the same, and that the new school doesn't have their own version which might be easier different?

MissoniMad Fri 08-Jul-16 18:08:50

That might be because these tests are hideously inaccurate - DCs scores vary by 30 points depending on mood on the day and which specific questions come up / which brand of test is used.

They're only good as a vague indication.

SDF Fri 08-Jul-16 18:11:58

They were the same tests. DS is dyslexic so his performance can vary but it's very worrying that the independent schools are using these as an indication of future potential as the scores are so inconsistent

MissoniMad Sun 10-Jul-16 01:04:15

It's not just Independant schools - SATS are used to make GCSE predictions. Yes, it is silly, but maybe it's better than having no measure at all?

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