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primary schools Edinburgh

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elasticated17 Fri 08-Jul-16 03:59:53

hey all
looking for advice for our four year old. we're a two mum family (completely non scene and not interested in rainbow parenting). currently we're in New Zealand but wanting to be close to family means a possible move to Edinburgh. our family are in Morningside which is out our price range so we're looking at colinton, greenbank possible currie balerno but that might be too far out. our biggest fear is moving her away from a city where gay parents are pretty accepted. I haven't lived in Edinburgh since I was a kid.are these good areas to be thinking about moving to?any advice appreciated. thanks

KingLooieCatz Fri 08-Jul-16 07:59:12

Hi there.

I recommend a visit to Mumsnet Local Edinburgh. You might want start a thread there (especially specifically which areas/schools are more likely to be welcoming for gay parents). And/or look at previous threads discussing Edinburgh schools. Ignore threads mention ESMS, Watsons and Heriots they are fee paying schools which I don't think is what you are interested in. There are plenty of excellent non-fee paying schools in Edinburgh.

I'd like to think gay parents would feel welcome in Edinburgh, but some areas might be more so than others.

All the areas you mention are good areas for a family, although I don't know Colinton, Currie and Balerno that well. The drawback with Greenbank versus Morningside is that Morningside has loads of tenement flats and Greenbank is almost entirely bungalows. If you can make your peace with living in a flat you could find a home for less money in M'side. If you're open to flats lots of fairly central areas become more affordable.

I'm very biased but Tollcross primary has a really diverse mix of families from different backgrounds, it's hard to think of a family set up that wouldn't feel welcome. I know there is at least one family with gay parents. Tollcross tends to have room for out of catchment children as well - but it is getting more popular.

elasticated17 Fri 08-Jul-16 09:32:35

thank you so much - I'm new to all this so I will definitely post on a more local thread. We are coming from NZ which is definitely houses not apartments so a bungalow is perfect! We're also keen on the new build houses - coming from a 1920's freezing villa in Auckland, I am yearning for central heating and no renovations to be done!!! Many thanks

morningtoncrescent62 Sat 09-Jul-16 15:15:39

Haste ye to the Scotsnet section, OP - there's been a long-running thread on Edinburgh schools over the past few weeks.

I would recommend Portobello, Edinburgh's wonderful seaside. It's family-friendly and gay-friendly, and has a great local primary school (Towerbank). It's 20 minutes by bus to the city centre and the buses are good. Plus loads of local amenities, a very friendly and lively community, and of course the two miles of sandy beach.

ratspeaker Sat 09-Jul-16 23:50:39

I second mornington on the Joppa/Portobello area.
Towerbanks catchment area is changing soon I believe, it's a very busy school,in spite of the extension.
The high school is due to move to new building in October.

The ESPC pages ( solicitors property website)will give you an idea of house prices, they also list by school catchment areas.

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