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Was it possible to get above EXS in SATS teacher assessment apart from writing?

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itwasmuchbetter Thu 07-Jul-16 12:53:49

DS has always exceeded in all areas throughout school. From what I can gather he also got high SAT test scores so I'm just a bit confused.

Feenie Thu 07-Jul-16 12:57:55

No, it wasn't.

itwasmuchbetter Thu 07-Jul-16 13:13:48

Thanks Feenie. Do you know why they were allowed to exceed in writing but not the others?

Feenie Thu 07-Jul-16 14:44:09


BetweenTwoLungs Thu 07-Jul-16 17:12:52

What were his scaled scores? Anything about 110ish very good and above 115 really excellent. To be honest any child who achieved EXS on these tests did fantastically well! So difficult.

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