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Changing schools? I'm clueless! Help!

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Bimberley Mon 04-Jul-16 13:13:11

I'm after some help.

My DD aged 6 is attending a school in the area we just moved from. She will be going into year 2 in September. I also have a son who will be starting reception there in September.

However my circumstances have changed quite quickly. We moved area last year and would drive our DD to school. My DH also had just set up a business & it was doing quite well.

This year the business flopped, our car has broken and we just don't have the money to replace it.
I now can't get my daughter to school. We live in a big city & can't afford taxis everyday nor the bus. We are struggling, and now I'm struggling to get her to school. I also have my DS starting in September and don't want him missing school.
School is not within walking distance.
Our only option seems to be changing schools.

There is a primary school about 15/20 minute walk from us.
I would need to transfer my DD & try to get DS a place too.
How would I go about doing this?
I don't want to end up having no school places for them but at the minute DD is missing school.

Sorry for blabbing on

Flouncy Mon 04-Jul-16 13:19:57

In most areas within the school year you can apply direct to the school for a place its an 'in year mover place'.

You don't have to surrender your current space to apply for another. You give up your place when you accept another offer.

For September start reception places will have been allocated so if the school is fully subscribed you'd be on a waiting list and could either defer starting reception until 5 years old or have your DC at different schools, even bigger head ache.

I'd start by calling the school you're interested in and just asking if they have any current places in what I'm guessing is current yr 1and if they have then ask if they know if they were fully subs ribed for their september reception intake and if they are where a sibbling of current school pupil would be on the list.

Bimberley Mon 04-Jul-16 13:23:13

Flouncy thank you. I will give the school a ring first.

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