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Year 6 SATS results?

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ihearttc Sun 03-Jul-16 10:13:42

Does anyone know when the Y6 SATS results are published or given to the children?

HeyMacWey Sun 03-Jul-16 10:15:31

I think it's are coming out as part of their year end reports.

HeyMacWey Sun 03-Jul-16 10:15:59

Ours not it's.

Kerberos Sun 03-Jul-16 10:18:16

7th I think ours come out along with their final school report.

Feenie Sun 03-Jul-16 10:22:09

Schools have access to the results on Tuesday, but when they report them to parents is up to them, as long as it's by the end of term.

ihearttc Sun 03-Jul-16 10:22:33

Hmm ours usually get the reports a day before the end of term...I wondered if they'd get sent out separately!

ihearttc Sun 03-Jul-16 10:23:00

This coming tuesday Feenie?

TheDailyMailareabunchofcunts Sun 03-Jul-16 10:24:00

I think schools get the results on July 5th
Last year school put their results on a separate piece of paper in a sealed envelope with their reports on the last day of term and were told not to open them until they got home to avoid comparisons at the school gates

I asked for my sons results to be given to me separately, he still does not know his results as he never asked for them and was far more excited about going to high school and the end of term celebrations that remembering that he sat exams in May

My daughter sat them this year, I have no intention of telling her unless she insists on knowing them, and I won't remind her either.

LemonRedwood Sun 03-Jul-16 10:26:36

Schools get the results on Tuesday. Ours go out in end of year reports the following week.

Utterly meaningless results anyway (this year more than most) and hopefully our children and their parents pay more attention to the teacher assessment and comments.

I am particularly not looking forward to explaining multiple times why the "official government-endorsed" assessment statement says your child is working at age related expectations in maths but my teacher assessment says they are exceeding or above.

rainbowstardrops Sun 03-Jul-16 10:31:08

I don't want to tell me DD either as I fear they might just knock her confidence even more.
Unfortunately her father brought the subject up again yesterday asking when we'll know. I think she'd probably forgotten all about them what with all the activities and celebrations going on at the mo.

rainbowstardrops Sun 03-Jul-16 10:31:27


TeenAndTween Sun 03-Jul-16 10:59:59

Lemon - Can you expand on why you think TA assessment will differ from SATs? Is it because you think the SATs papers were overly hard, or something else?

LemonRedwood Sun 03-Jul-16 13:25:33

Teen It's because the SATs results and the teacher assessment that is submitted via NCA tools (which ultimately informs RAISE online and Ofsted) only give the option to say whether a child has reached the expected standard or not. Writing is the exception to this - as there is no writing SAT, these best teachers can say about their more and most able writers is that they are "working at greater depth within the expected standard".

The formative assessment class teachers have been using throughout the year - including tests but also classwork, observations and conversations - give a much clearer picture of what a child is capable of and therefore the teacher assessment and comments in the end of year report comes from a deeper knowledge of the child and their overall progress and attainment.

As an example - I mentioned maths before because I have two incredibly gifted children in my class with regard to maths. There are things they write in their maths books that were part of the a-level curriculum when I was at school. Their SATs results will undoubtedly give them a scaled score well above 100 but will also say that this means they are working at the expected standard. Whereas I can say the truth in their report - that they are working well above the expected standard. Many schools have developed their own assessment systems over the past 2 years which show attainment and progress very well and which do not marry up with the farcical Interim Assessment document produced for Year 2 and Year 6 teachers this year (and was still being tinkered with as late as March with the addition of the pre-Key Stage standards).

LemonRedwood Sun 03-Jul-16 13:26:25

Sorry for hijacking the thread with my little rant there. You can probably tell I teach year 6 blush

ifcatscouldtalk Sun 03-Jul-16 13:44:32

My daughter said she'll find out tues and i'll get a letter on weds. I have not mentioned SATS since the day they were joyfully over so am hoping come what may she'll take it all in her stride. Roll on the hols. smile

ihearttc Sun 03-Jul-16 13:48:03

I think thats sort of my worry as well Lemon.

DS is good at maths...not exceptional by any means though. At the end of Y5 his school was still giving NC levels and he was apparently a 6B in maths. I think that was over inflated tbh but never the less he is good at maths (probably in the top 3 or 4 in his year) yet Im assuming his SATS result will say that he is working at the expected level.

He is worried about Y7 next year. His high school don't set for Maths and English...he had a taster day last week and they were doing Maths that he did in Y4 (they had a fab teacher who was very maths minded so really pushed them).

LemonRedwood Sun 03-Jul-16 14:24:55

The secondary school we feed into seems to do a lot of repetition in maths from what I've heard. This follows a primary education focused on challenge (its 4 main feeder schools all have a similar approach) and then the secondary curriculum seems to focus very much on the mechanics of maths and a lot of calculating.

In your shoes, I'd ignore the SATs results and then make sure I was asking his teachers at secondary school how he's being challenged and stretched in his ability (after a suitable settling in period - maybe not on the first day!)

HeyMacWey Sun 03-Jul-16 15:45:29

I'd imagine that the work they do on a taster day is deliberating easy so that it doesn't put off the less able students.

HeyMacWey Sun 03-Jul-16 15:46:00


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