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Primary School Class Reorganisation

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Royaldada Sun 03-Jul-16 09:10:59

If your DC goes to a school which has 2 or more classes per year how are the classes for the new school year organised

The reason why I ask this is because it seems that the whole of DDs year 1 class is moving to the same year 2 class apart from her and her friendship group (2 girls) who are moving to the other year 2 class and I'm just wondering why this is the case

jamdonut Sun 03-Jul-16 10:59:40

It sounds like some from the other class need to be moved out, so they've kept your daughter and her friends together in a straight swap. If she's with her friends will it matter that much?
Our classes usually stay together, to move up, unless there has been behavioural issues. Or maybe a parent has asked for their child to be moved?
It is unfortunate, but sometimes it has to happen.

redskytonight Sun 03-Jul-16 11:16:39

Why not ask the school? no one on here can possibly guess.

I think it's odd to only move a few children, but does seem like the main reason would be to balance numbers/personalities.

MiaowTheCat Sun 03-Jul-16 11:28:13

Sometimes it's done to balance personalities, but often it's done because kids have left the school and left the class numbers uneven, or one classroom is much smaller than the other.

BoGrainger Sun 03-Jul-16 22:56:01

You said 'seems'. Does this mean that you don't actually know? e.g. the children have said so? Otherwise just ask in the morning as it sounds unusual.

Ilovewillow Sun 03-Jul-16 23:13:29

Maybe due to personalities! We have a three class to a yr system and the classes are changed and shuffled every yr! In the junior school they change seats every week too so they get to work with a range of other children. Seems to work!

Arkwright Mon 04-Jul-16 06:42:39

Two form entry they stay the same from Reception to Y6.

GardeningWithDynamite Mon 04-Jul-16 06:46:21

Ask the school.

Ours is 2 form entry and they reorganise at the start of year 3 (what would have been juniors in "old money"). They do it to rebalance boy/girl levels and abilities in each class which change as pupils arrive or leave, to split up any personality clashes and because they know the children better than they did at the start of reception.

MooseyMoo Mon 04-Jul-16 06:46:59

45 intake in Reception which changes to split year classes as not enough for 2 separate year classes so one has to be split. Sometimes it is split by birthday, personality or random. Think this year DC classes have been split by birthday but with a few personality splits thrown in too.

AChickenCalledKorma Mon 04-Jul-16 08:41:38

Our school shuffles classes quite frequently. Unhealthy "friendships" are given a bit of space, boy-girl ratios and mixes of ability are re-balanced (lots of people moving in and out of the school). They also say that it helps the children feel part of a whole year group, so they get to know a wider range of people over a few years.

DD2 has found it pretty unsettling, though sad.

BertPuttocks Mon 04-Jul-16 10:21:40

DD had one year when she and a small group of friends moved to the opposite class.

A parent from the opposite class said that it was because there had been a lot of bullying in that class and that the staff were trying to separate some of the main culprits and move some into DD's class.

The school were very good at supporting the children who had moved and helped them to settle in. It worked out so well that DD ended up preferring her new class to her old one.

I've heard that next year they are likely to reorganise both classes. This is because they tend to have a lot of children leaving/joining throughout the year, and the classes are no longer evenly matched. They usually base their decisions on:

- number of boys/girls

- an even spread of ability

- personalities

noramum Mon 04-Jul-16 11:19:16

Infant School - no change in classes

Junior - in the past they changed Y4 and Y6. When DD joined the parents of the other Infant class basically begged the head to change classes as they were problems with gender imbalance (10 girls to 20 boys) and some boys decided to start physical fighting.

DD was heartbroken as she didn't manage to get her friend but I think it was a good decision as it meant she had to go out and make new friends.

They will change again next September when they start Y5 and she sees it a lot more relaxed. For Maths they mix classes anyway according to ability and her teacher mix and matches tables every couple of weeks religiously to make them work with other children and other abilities.

RueDeWakening Mon 04-Jul-16 15:23:00

Ours used to split the classes at the end of year 1 and year 4, but after a monumental cock up one year (the teacher of the bulge class positioned the "list the 3 people you'd like to be with next year" task completely differently, meaning that class didn't actually list preferences at all so wishes were ignored) they now split all the classes every year. It works pretty well tbh, and each year group does seem more cohesive as a result.

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