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Key stage one SAT results

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Flowerfriday Wed 29-Jun-16 20:35:20

Has anyone been given results yet?
As they are not reported nationally I though it might be nice to see other children's scores. The tests were much harder this year and it should be interesting to see how they did.

spanieleyes Wed 29-Jun-16 20:44:58

We have one girl in our school who scored full marks on every paper-including the GAPS one.

Does that help?

springwaters Wed 29-Jun-16 20:58:38

Test scores are nor reportable to parents.

The legal requirement is:
The report must start from the day after the last report was given. It must be available to parents before the end of the summer term.

The report must cover the pupil’s:

general progress
attendance record
Where appropriate it must also include results of any:

national curriculum tests
public examinations, by subject and grade
Detailed content requirements, including specific information for KS1, are set out in Schedule 1 of the Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations 2005 (SI 2005/1437).

Academies’ requirements are set out in their funding agreements.

Schedule 1 states:
2. The following information must be included in the report of every pupil at the end of each of the key stages specified—

(a)at the end of the first, second and third key stages—
(i)a brief commentary;
(ii)the results of the teacher assessment of his NC levels of attainment, excluding English at the first key stage and citizenship;
(iii)particulars of any NC attainment targets or subjects from which the pupil is exempt;
(iv)comparative information about the NC levels of attainment of pupils of the same age in the school; and
(v)comparative information about the NC levels of attainment in the core subjects of pupils of the same age nationally;
(b)at the end of the first key stage—
(i)a statement that the teacher assessment of his NC levels of attainment takes into account the results of any NC tasks and NC tests taken in accordance with the statutory arrangements; and
(ii)if applicable, a statement explaining why any NC tasks or NC tests have not been taken or why the teacher assessment has been disapplied;
(c)at the end of the first and second key stages, the results of the teacher assessment of his NC attainment targets in English;

Flowerfriday Thu 30-Jun-16 06:17:43

If a parent requests key stage one SAT scores the school has to give them.

100% on every test is fabulous, how did the others do?

spanieleyes Thu 30-Jun-16 07:20:17

But that's the point isn't it? Some children will do exceptionally well, some children won't. How does people posting their children's scores on here-if they can be bothered to find them out-do anything other than give others a sense of inferiority or superiority? The scores are only a small part of an assessment of 6 year olds-not really worth bothering about in the grand scheme of things!

Only1scoop Thu 30-Jun-16 07:27:14

Agree Spaniel

So glad dd school doesn't do them.

Paperm0ver Thu 30-Jun-16 09:04:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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