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DUCKS - thoughts? (and any 2nd hand uniform?)

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fishface1979 Thu 23-Jun-16 12:32:43

Hi, we've made a last minute decision to send my daughter to DUCKS infants school in Dulwich as my son is very happy in the nursery there and it seems very nurturing. we were going to go with the very nice state school so it was a tough one, but I love the fact they do swimming, sports etc, and the setting. Anyone have any opinions on the school - any current parents out there? Also does anyone have any 2nd hand uniform which would fit a tall girl who will be 5 soon? She'd probably fit an ex year old's to be honest... we'd gladly buy it off you - seems silly to shell out for all new stuff when they grow so fast ... Thanks in advance! We're Dulwich based.

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