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Moving schools -- did you regret it?

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threekidsandcrazy Thu 16-Jun-16 14:49:51

Am contemplating moving my kids from the (primary) school they are in. DS is reasonably happy at school, but he is moving into a Y5/Y6 class he'll be in for two years and I am not convinced his teacher should be teaching at all, TBH (she teaches from the front her desk and gets kids to come to her, and has little general enthusiasm). DDs are moving into a class with with teachers I rate, but they have had a rough ride so far (being taught by a teacher who shouldn't have been teaching at all and is now not teaching, and are consequently really behind) and are in a particularly tough year group (some challenging and disruptive children in their year who successfully challenge and disrupt on a regular basis), so I think mixing it up would be a good thing. But it's a bit frying pan and fire situation. Anyone out there moved and wished they hadn't? Or moved and wished they'd done it earlier?

bojorojo Thu 16-Jun-16 15:43:11

You really need to be sure that where you go next is better. You need to talk to the school about the style of teaching there, if you do not like what you have got at the moment. In classes I have observed as a Governor, teachers will teach the whole class from the front for a new topic but then set children work according to ability and challenge them when they show they have acquired the basic skills needed. If your current school has unenthusiastic teachers, is that all of them or have you just had the worst of the staff?

I do feel teachers should have a certain amount of enthusiasm and instil a love of learning in their pupils so you need to talk to the next school about your expectations. You will also need to ask how your DD can catch up.

It is not easy taking children away from friends and they may not actually want to go. A lack of friends made it relatively easy to transfer DD but she moved on to a high class prep school with all the knobs and whistles so it did not really compare with a state school. I think you need to ask searching questions of the new school or you may be disappointed again.

SaltyMyDear Thu 16-Jun-16 21:38:36

Moved and wish I'd done it earlier.

Was really not a big deal at all to settle into their new school.

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