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My daughter is leaving primary school this summer, what can I buy her wonderful one to one teacher?

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chuffinalong Thu 16-Jun-16 10:29:25

Hi, my daughter has had a wonderful one to one lady supporting her from her first day at primary. She now has other one to ones in order to lessen the bond a bit to prepare her for secondary school. I've always in the past bought a small gift for her class teacher, her one to one lady and the teaching assistant.
I just want to give something special to my daughters one to one lady to thank her for all the years of care, support and kindness. She really has been amazing, but what to buy????
Also, now that she does have other one to ones that she has become very fond of, should I buy for them too? She has 4 new ones though! It's tricky as I don't want to offend anyone as I'm so grateful for all that they do for her.
One thought I had was to buy something special for my daughters one to one lady, then buy a fancy cake for all the staff to share?
Any advice or suggestions welcome. smile

oompaloompaland Thu 16-Jun-16 10:31:00

How about an afternoon tea voucher for 2 at a nice hotel?

Mycatsabastard Thu 16-Jun-16 10:33:00

I was going to say exactly the same thing oompa! I have just bought exactly that for my DD's teacher who has been absolutely fantastic for her this year and been so supportive.

We also did a moonpig card where both DD and I both wrote something in it.

chuffinalong Thu 16-Jun-16 10:37:48

That is a nice idea! Thank you. smile

wigglesrock Thu 16-Jun-16 12:59:07

My eldest is finishing primary school in a few weeks. One of her assistants has been with her class for the past 7 years. Dd has bought her a personalized gift from Not on the High Street - wasn't dear, but she was able to put the tas name on it and a wee message thanking her.

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