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Name labels?

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BetterthanEE Thu 16-Jun-16 07:53:51

What are the best name labels to use? I saw a thread a while back about ones that say on bottles, even in the dishwasher, but can't remember the name!
Any recommendations would be welcome, I have one starting reception in September and one going into year 1

KateLivesInEngland Thu 16-Jun-16 08:00:02

I use My Name Tags.
They iron on or just stick on for the dishwasher safe ones. They come with the two different types in a pack. I'd recommend them.

adagio Thu 16-Jun-16 08:07:25

I use easy 2 name stick easys on the care label and they last well through washing, but my DD is only at nursery and I suspect that only being on the care label may be insufficient and too hidden when we get to school age!

Ginmummy1 Thu 16-Jun-16 08:10:30

Stikins go on name labels and also on bottles in the dishwasher etc. I've never had one come off!

TeenAndTween Thu 16-Jun-16 08:23:59

Whatever you use mark it prominently or it will get overlooked.

Don't forget coats, trainers, wellies, water bottles etc. basically anything you would care about replacing if it got lost.

I am constantly amazed how much unnamed lost property there is at DD's primary.

I use woven name tapes, just sewn on at each end, which means the tape can also be used to hang the item up. And some stick on labels for water-bottles etc.

Bunnyjo Thu 16-Jun-16 09:20:03

I have tried many labels and these are by far the best I've come across.

They can be used on clothes, water bottles, purses, shoes, etc., and not one label has come off yet.

They aren't cheap, but I think they're worth the money.

Hersetta427 Thu 16-Jun-16 10:48:40

My name tags. We get the coloured ones and the children choose their own design and colour so they are find their clothes easily.

BetterthanEE Thu 16-Jun-16 12:52:22

Thanks so much, I'll take a look at these tonight grin

threekidsandcrazy Thu 16-Jun-16 14:54:27

We used stickins originally, but they are coming off stuff now (admittedly several years later). I also used hand-woven sew-in labels which are the best for durability and visibility (and we hand stuff down so its worth it). However, my new solution is a black sharpie pen. I just write on everything. MUCH easier. And if it comes off in the wash / in the dishwasher I just write it on again. In terms of labelling things, I write in the collar, because if you write on the label no-one really looks there. So my white shirts, red cardis etc all have big sharpie writing on them, which I refresh every now and then.

wornoutboots Thu 16-Jun-16 17:22:03

I second the sharpie advice.

on label AND on the inside of the garment too

Chalk2000 Thu 16-Jun-16 17:24:53

Yes get a black marker

Ilovewillow Thu 16-Jun-16 21:47:40

We've always used labels from Stuck on you! Iron on and sticky ones for shoes and other stuff (dishwasher proof)!

Ktay Thu 16-Jun-16 22:16:16

We use

jamdonut Thu 16-Jun-16 22:51:54

As a TA ,the FIRST place I ( and my colleagues) look is the label ! But I've always used a Sharpie and written on the label for my own kids' uniforms. It's the easiest and most accessible place if you're not going to use the printed/embroidered labels.

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