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Hampstead Parochial vs Christ Church

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Tuckerella Tue 14-Jun-16 10:53:24

Dear Mumsnetters,

We are currently reeling from a spate of unreasonable fee-hikes in the private school sector and are removing our children from their current school as a result (+50% in 4 years!).

Neither Parochial nor Christ Church have up to date and reliable Ofsted reports - the former has had issues in KS2 in recent years but apparently a Superhead has come in to fix its issues - and the latter because it has not been surveyed in about 6 years due to an outstanding having taken the pressure off for a while... We were therefore wondering whether anyone has any up to date experience of either school both in terms of academics and in terms of pastoral care. I have heard two very differing views on Christ Church - one that there is no extracurricular or creative pursuits at all and that it is purely academically focused, and the other that it is very creative but that the academic aspect is moving down hill.

Would anyone be able to corroborate the two opinions above? And given the choice between the two, which would you recommend and why?

Many thanks in advance.

jillybean2008 Mon 25-Jul-16 16:09:19

Dear Tuckerella,

You will always hear differing views of schools - I would suggest, if you have not already, you visit both and take it from there.

My child joined Hampstead Parochial in Year 5 last year. I simply thrilled with the progress made and I have a very happy child again, I removed from a private school because it had appalling management.

HPS offers endless encouragement, it has a wonderful ethos and the leadership is second to none. Excellent teachers who are constantly supported and praised by management and it makes very a very happy teaching environment.

From my experience I can say that parents are very supportive of the school and it has a wonderful community. Teachers and staff of all levels are highly regarded and appreciated and they go to extra lengths when it comes to participating in every school event.

Hampstead Parochial has reached the highest attainment levels for KS1 and KS2 in the Borough of Camden this year.

I am thrilled with the school and cannot praise it enough.

38cody Tue 21-Feb-17 01:13:04

However Hampstead Parochial scored the very lowest in Camden the year before - pretty damming considering the co-hort.
swings and roundabouts but HPS is unstable - go for CC

jillybean2008 Thu 12-Oct-17 10:48:45

Just adding a note relating to HPS again, my child completed year 6 this Summer.

The school has again gained top attainment levels in the country for the second year running.

My child is one of the vast number of Camden primary students, who reach highest attainment levels, but does not follow on to a Camden secondary school.

We were very sad to leave the school and have the fondest of memories.

NofGreenGables Thu 03-May-18 23:23:03

@38cody just an update: HPS is now 34 in the Times Parent Power League Tables, can't find Christchurch on it. Yes there was apparently a moment during and immediately following a dreadful stint of a head teacher at HPS (who drove all the teachers away and focused on all sorts of peripheral issues, letting standards and goodwill fall by the wayside) that proved temporarily devastating. Now all has been taken in hand and then some, by a wonderful "superhead" and the results seem to say it all. It is very nurturing, pastorally impressive and the teachers are widely acknowledged as being wonderfully talented, hardworking and dedicated. More votes of confidence: A considerable number of children have fled a very nearby independent to join it. A tutor friend of mine with extensive experience of many of the local schools (via their kids and their performance and feedback) recently divulged that HPS would be his recommendation over most primaries (state or indy) in the area.

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